Sep 29-30 Nationwide listing of antiwar protests/meetings/vigils

 contact,  saturday,  sunday, act now to stop war, adam hurter, afghan women, all souls church, american anti, american dream, american friends service committee, american muslims, amnesty international, an eye, arnie alpert, asian pacific american legal center, atwater library, atwater metro, atwater street, auburn avenue atlanta, berkeley campus, berkeley stop, boston anti, boston coalition, breakout groups, bridge st school northampton, brown university, bruce franklin, bryant park, cambridge peace commission, capitalist anti, capitol building, catholic cathedral, catholic student center, center, central comm, cesar chavez park, chabot college performing arts center, chicago ad hoc coalition against war, chicago tribune plaza, colorado coalition, community centre, community forum, community walk around washington square park, concordia university, conger st, congregation bet haverim, congresswoman lucille roybal, contact, contact beth wagner, coptic orthodox church, county building, cry for war, curry center, defend our civil rights, depot road, discrimination committee, dolores park, downtown courthouse, el paso dr, end racism, end u., euclid st, every sunday, evil we deplore, eye leaves, faunce steps, federal building downtown tucson, finlay park, forest park, freedom plaza, garberville vets, garment workers, global exchange, global peace, global solidarity, graylan hagler, green line, harvard st, hastings st, human relations, human rights action service, immigrant communities, international a., international action center, international socialist organization, islamic center, justice yes, keets road deerfield, korean resource center, kurt konietzko, labor party, lake merritt, lake merritt neighbors organized, lesbian center, let us not commit, los angeles county  commission, los angeles gay, low income, luther king, lynn chong, maisonneuve west, march, march against war, marla ruzicka, mary coptic orthodox church, mass peace march, mass rally, meridian hill park, middle eastern, minnehaha county courthouse, mobilization against war, more information, muslim public affairs council, n. dakota ave, national anti, national march, new hampshire, new york, new york city, new york university, new york university randolph summerville theater, nipponzan myohoji atlanta buddhist dojo, no racial scapegoating, no war for, noon proccession, noon silent vigil, north carolinians, north michigan, northeastern stop, northeastern university, northeastern university teach, oak ridge, oak ridge environmental peace alliance, on huntington ave, open mic, our grief, palestinian human rights, palestinian rights, park, patrick carkin, paul shannon, pax christi, peace, peace action, peace bus, peace center, peace march, peaceful response, pennsylvania  ave, peter claver church, pilipino workers, pilipino workers center, providence anti, racist march, rally for justice, randolph summerville theater, report back, resouce centre, rutgers university, s. policy, s. sponsors, saint vincent hospital, san carlos st, san francisco, san jose, san jose peace center, santa brabara, saturday, saturday morning, saturday september, saturday september 29, sean donahue, september, september 29, september 30, silicon valley debug, sioux fall, sity park, south asia research, south asian network, south asian women, south carolinians, south dakota peace, southern christian leadership conference, steve shalom, strawberry fields, sunday, sunday september, sunday september 30, taylor street, teesri duniya theatre, tell bush, tom smith, traprock peace center, union square, united states, unity yes, valley life sciences bld, victory square, walk returns, war, war coalition, war is not, war protest sept, war teach, washington square east, washington university, waterplace park, we demand, weekly oak ridge peace, weekly peace vigil, wesleyan university, west congress, west pine, western regional united from, westwood federal building, whole world blind, william paterson university, women united, world trade center, youth speak out