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9/11 events: Our grief is not a cry for war (tags)

NEW YORK – As events marked the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, New Yorkers, in all their diversity, turned out to remember those who died, to honor those who rushed to the aid of the World Trade Center (WTC) victims and to call for peaceful solutions to terrorism.

Our Grief is Not a Cry for War (tags)

Hundreds gathered in Santa Monica on 9/11 for a candlelight peace vigil sponsored by the Coalation for world Peace, California Peace Action, and ICUJP.

911 Commemoration Statement Not In Our Name (tags)


Planning Events for NOT IN OUR NAME 06 (tags)


Our Grief is not a Cry for Concentration Camps and Torture of Prisoners (tags)

I couldn't escape the Irony of the situation. Brown and black bodies being brought to Cuba again. This island used to be the biggest breeding station of slaves in the New World And once more there were being brought, by their white masters the protectors of the "Holy Grail ", to sit somewhere and rot. I sat there and thought of my own experiences for I too was once a prisoner of the US Military.

Sep 29-30 Nationwide listing of antiwar protests/meetings/vigils (tags)

No War For "Revenge"! - website for antiwar movements, legal information & news across the country. **URL: Since some events may change or cancel without advance notice, PLEASE PLEASE call and check with the event organizer before you go. To announce your protest, links, or good information, please send to: or

our grief is not a cry for war (tags)

a collective of NYC artists promotes the theme "our grief is not a cry for war"

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