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UPDATED: List of 200+ U.S. BDS Victories! (tags)

By popular demand, below is a list of U.S. Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Victories, originally released to commemorate ten years since Palestinian civil society issued the call for BDS.

Congresswoman for Palestinian Rights (tags)


Hillary Clinton's Anti-BDS Agenda (tags)


Obama Spurns Palestinian Rights (tags)


World Social Forum Free Palestine (tags)


Targeting AIPAC (tags)


The Israeli Lobby's Poisonous Influence on US Policy (tags)


Obama on Palestinian Rights: Nyet (tags)

resolution veto

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (tags)

a day to observe and honor

12/30: Latest Lists of Protest Worldwide Against Israeli Attacks on Gaza! (tags)

Over 60 protests will be schedule at the U.S. and the World on Tuesday December 30 and the following week!


Robert Kennedy and Jeff Fisher to examine 2000 and 2004 evidence

Sep 29-30 Nationwide listing of antiwar protests/meetings/vigils (tags)

No War For "Revenge"! - website for antiwar movements, legal information & news across the country. **URL: Since some events may change or cancel without advance notice, PLEASE PLEASE call and check with the event organizer before you go. To announce your protest, links, or good information, please send to: or

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