Re-imagining Trade: NAFTA and Beyond

by Mel Watkins Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011 at 11:38 AM

"Free trade regimes have become charters of rights and freedoms for the corporation.. Free trade is the policy of the powerful after they have become powerful. German economist Frederick List spoke of "the kicking away of the ladder."

"We should find solace and hope in the manifest failure of America's imperial project and the widespread questioning of neo-conservatism. Out of contradiction comes creativity. As the world around us changes, so will economics...

The failure to hold polluters accountable either in monetary terms or by regulation makes nonsense of the claim of the self-regulating global market...

Trade has transformed economics and societies. It is time that trade itself was transformed."

Mel Watkins, professor of economics at the University of Toronto, was awarded the 2008 Galbraith Prize for Economics.

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