Being Singleton's Defense etc.

by Sdg Friday, Jun. 04, 2010 at 10:30 AM

Israel needs to contact Singleton's defense team.

There is a rapist named Singleton who cut the arms off of his 14 year old victim. He is still living in our human community.

His law team succeeded in allowing him to be freed from prison and mingle [ at this current writing ] with the public under minimal supervision.

When Israel attacked an unarmed relief ship on international waters to preform a deliberate series of assassinations replete with "death lists" using military commandos, in an early morning raid, under the cover of radio jamming and overwhelming physical security, it's a bit of a stretch to lament about it being a matter of self defense with the decks still wet with blood.

When the only response is to wail about the victim fighting back and why the attacker needed to eliminate threats to its life style; there seems to me, to be a real need for Israel to contact Singleton's defense team to find out how this proposition of justification at least to provide some kind of possible rationale, might be done.

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