LA-Radical Film Collective Meeting

by LAFCO (posted from list) Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2003 at 8:17 AM

Come one, Come all .The first membership meeting of 2003 at the LAFCO building. Tuesday night 7-9pm 660 Venice Blvd. Get involved

A truly independent, non-hierarchical collective, The Los Angeles Filmmakers' Co-op is a radical experiment in nomadic and communal creativity. Our mission is to encourage pioneering in digital media by sharing our resources with the community around us.

Founded in 2000, LAFCO was intitially based out of a fully equipped school bus . Loaded with a portable library, screening room, 3 digiatal video editing suites, and room to sleep 5, the LAFCO bus has seen countless adventures in the United States and beond, while helping artists and students produce dozens of short films.

Our new space in Venice, California (660 Venice Blvd) is a perfect location for filmmakers to meet, plan new projects, learn new techniques from their peers through informal meetings and workshops, and to screen their work.

LAFCO branches out beyond filmmaking and embraces all media. Painters, photographers, musicians, performance artists, and anyone else who shares our vision, come to our membership meetings Tuesday nights from 7-9pm.

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