Whole Lotta Lott Goin' On

by FSN Sunday, Dec. 22, 2002 at 8:31 PM

Media Propaganda & Censorship 101

Whole Lotta Lott Goin' On
Media Propaganda & Censorship 101

By CactusPat

"Well I said shake baby shake
I said shake baby shake
I said shake it baby shake it
I said shake baby shake
Come on over Whole lot of shakin goin' on"
Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin'
-Jerry Lee Lewis
Dec. 20, 20002
Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

Today's lesson: Media Propaganda & Censorship 101

When the corporate mediawhores kick in the turbo-drive on a seemingly minor story its' time to start scouring your alternative news sources to ferret out what MAJOR news is being censored. Glossed over. Slid by. Or not hardly mentioned at all. The commoners must be kept distracted from the issues that actually may affect them.

This past fortnight's Trent Lott feeding frenzy is a prime example. But just what has justified the continuing 24/7/14 of "Whole Lotta Lott Goin' On"?

Well, to be brief, besides the impending start of Armageddon 2002 in Iraq, mounting deaths and casualties in Afghanistan - now estimated at near 1000 US boys brought home in body bags - 800,000 U.S.citizens losing unemployment three days after Christmas, three corporate crooks named to the new Bush economic team, war criminal Kissinger resigning from the 911 chairmanship rather than disclose his "Axis O' Evil" customer list, United Airline's & Conseco's bankruptcy filing - third largest in corporate history, the ongoing US attempted coup in Venezuela, and the detailed list of US corporations that supplied Saddam's WMD programs...and oh, let's not forget the Bushista judicial appointee who spiked the lawsuits so Cheney doesn't have to reveal the Energy Task Force documents.

There's also that little matter of sanctioned assassination. Anybody. Anywhere. Anytime. On Smirk's say so(expanded to include Tenet and Rummy so as to distance the Smirkster from culpability).

And that's not mentioning perhaps the biggest race related story in the past thirtysomething years. Maybe since the incarceration of tens of thousands of Japanese Americans in WWII. No, not the Trent Lott diareahafest. Something a wee bit more significant.

During the past week at least 500 hundred, perhaps a couple thousand or more, Muslim American men have been arrested for minor visa violations in an INS/Justice Dept. sting operation in southern California. INS/Justice refuses to release any figures. Several thousand Muslim American men showed up voluntarily to "register" with the federal gov't. in compliance with new guidelines for foreign nationals imposed by AshCCCroft's Justice Dept. And I thought it was only Johnnie Reb's own Neo-Confederate tendencies that had been keeping him out of the limelight.

"Lawyers reported that some detainees were forced to stand up all night for lack of room, that some were placed in shackles, and others were hosed down with cold water before being thrown into unheated cells. They said the numbers were so high that authorities were talking about transferring several hundred detainees to Arizona to await immigration hearings and deportation orders." -The Independent UK

Of course there is yet one other sinister side to the Lottfest. Besides providing cover for most really important news. You know, the events that really do affect our lives.

As it turns out yet another Son o' the South had a hand in Lott's cookie jar. After Trent Lott's faux pas it seems the corporate media didn't take its cue. Even though there was blood in the water. Bush was right there, in person, when Lott's foot got stuck in his blowhole. The Thurmond party was at the White House. It's taken some very careful video editing to ensure the Smirkmeister hasn't been shown in any of the five second clips played endlessly now for two weeks.

Was it because corporate mediawhores didn't their take cue? But why did it take Bush a week to apply a pResidential tongue lashing to Lott's behind? Did it take that long to try and cover over Bush's own Neo-Confederate tracks?

Or was it because it took that long for the Karl 'Great White' Rove to pick up the scent and implement the coup de main upon Lott.

Oh Baby, there's been a Whole Lotta Lott Goin' On....