Irish Poet, Tom Paulin's Poem: "Killed In The Crossfire"

by John Monday, Nov. 25, 2002 at 7:19 AM

Harvard professors met for two hours Wednesday and voted to reinvite Tom Paulin, who has made statements comparing US-born settlers in the West Bank with Nazis, and saying they "should be shot dead."

"Killed in the Crossfire,"

We are fed this inert

This lying phrase

Like comfort food

As another little Palestinian boy

In trainers jeans and a white teeshirt

Is gunned down by the Zionist SS

Whose initials we should

- but we don't - dumb goys

Clock in that weasel word



5 Arabs killed, 13 injured in Tul Karm

Five Palestinians, including a wanted man, at least two innocent bystanders and a

13-year-old boy, were killed yesterday in Tul Karm, when an army force arrived at the

home of wanted Fatah man Tarek al Za'al and demanded he give himself up.

When he refused, a helicopter gunship opened fire at the house. Za'al was killed, as were

four passersby, said Palestinian sources, Iham Zakle, 13; Ziad Masharka, 33; Sha'aban

Badir, 33; and Ahmed Juissy, 30. In addition, 13 other Palestinians were wounded, some

seriously, including several children, said Palestinian sources.....

Haaretz 11/20/02


IDF: British UNRWA worker in Jenin mistakenly shot

by soldier

An initial IDF investigation into the death of Iain Hook, a British UNWRA official who

was killed Friday during a gunfight between soldiers and Palestinians in the West Bank

city of Jenin, revealed that he was mistakenly shot by an IDF soldier......

Elsewhere in the camp in different shooting incidents, an 11-year-old

Palestinian boy was killed and an Irish national wounded.....

By Ha'aretz Service and AP



Palestinian youth killed in clashes with Israeli army

Israeli troops enforcing a curfew have clashed with dozens of young Palestinian

stone-throwers, killing a 15-year-old boy.....

Four other Palestinians aged between 10 to 15 have been killed by Israeli gunfire in and

around Nablus in the last two weeks as the death toll from the two-year-old Palestinian

uprising approaches 2,500.... 10/6/’02


15:15) Two Palestinian children killed in IAF attack

By The Jerusalem Post Internet Staff

Two Palestinian children were killed when an IAF helicopter, apparently targeting an

Islamic Jihad leader, fired at least two missiles at a car in Hebron earlier this afternoon.

The two children killed in the attack, who may have been in a nearby car at the time, were

aged three and 13-years-old.



Palestinian toddler killed in army


November 14 2002

A two-year-old Palestinian boy has been killed and his mother wounded by Israeli army

gunfire in Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip, according to witnesses....

Asa'ad al-Masri told Reuters that Israeli forces had opened fire from tanks. He said he and

his wife, each with a child in their arms, had fled their home near the border after the

shooting began and that their two other children followed them.....

It was the latest child death in the last few days of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A two-year-old Palestinian boy was killed by army gunfire in Gaza the next day.

Sydney Morning


Original: Irish Poet, Tom Paulin's Poem: "Killed In The Crossfire"