New Year's Eve @ the Nevada Test Site

by MarcPage & Tuesday, Nov. 05, 2002 at 1:28 PM

Join the prayer-action to STOP the works of war at the US nuclear test site! This annual vigil for peace and justice is helpful in the Western Shoshone resistance to the violence of nuclearism

By Marc Page

     A few years ago created an event which brought over 500 people from around the world to Las Vegas and the USA’s nuclear Test Site for an alternative celebration of New Year’s Eve. The group hosted workshops and ceremonies in Las Vegas and out in the desert at the Nevada Test Site at midnight to welcome the new millennium taking action for peace. More than 300 people were arrested at the Test Site just after midnight, ringing in the new year on January 1st 2000---the first mass arrests for civil resistance of this century, less than a month after the battle for Seattle. Unfortunately, the prayers didn’t have an immediate effect: as we all have seen, the domination system in this century seems to uphold injustice and violence ever more viciously. From the cries of the victims of 9-11 to the USA’s plans to further cripple and destroy the people of Iraq, to the impending growth of the carcinogenic nuclear industry with its inherent dangers, humanity is in deep trouble. Now more than ever, people need to gather and take collective actions based in Love and Peace. So Nevada Desert Experience (NDE) again is calling people to return to the desert to create peace on earth & good will to all.

     NDE will hold ceremonies at the Nevada Test Site following a march on the Las Vegas Strip on December 31st 2002. The New Year’s Eve gathering begins December 30th at St. James Church in North Las Vegas, and ends at brunch on January 1st. Join the company of Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader Corbin Harney, Pace e Bene's Ken Butigan, eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, cross-cultural educator Fran Macy, depleted uranium expert Damacio Lopez, author & nonviolent activist John Dear, and many others "For the Sake of the Future", in Southern Nevada. The group will carpool to the Mercury Exit of Interstate 95 (60 miles from the edge of Las Vegas) for a candle-light procession into the Nevada Test Site.
     While some people will inevitably camp out at the Test Site's Peace Camp on their own, during those days, if you wish to participate fully in Vegas from December 30th to January 1st, with seven vegetarian meals and housing included, a fee is requested; (sliding scale, as much as you can donate, up to 0 ). For more info, contact: For the Sake of the Future c/o JPIC Office, 1500 34th Ave, Oakland CA 94601. and check out: for more details on this lovely way to spend your New Year’s Eve!

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