Spread the Word! Tell Everyone-Boycott Corporate Media!

by PullThePlug Wednesday, Oct. 09, 2002 at 12:40 PM

EVERY day should be "TV Turn-off Day"!

Sick of the unending warmongering propaganda on TV and the newspapers? Most of us who rely on Indymedia and other "alternative" sources for information have already laid the TV and corporate newspapers to rest.

But too many people still depend on these sources of deception, lies and bigotry. They need to know that their continued support of these propaganda outlets only perpetuates the hate.

Only when network Neilson ratings begin to fall, and newspaper sales decline, will these perveyers of lies and deception realize they had better clean up their act or go out of business!

So spread the word! Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives-turn off the TV! Cancel those newspaper subscriptions! Ignore those newsracks with headlines blaring WAR!WAR!WAR! AGAINST IRAQ! AGAINST THE WORLD!

Original: Spread the Word! Tell Everyone-Boycott Corporate Media!