globalisation means war

by Equal Earth Sunday, Sep. 29, 2002 at 1:33 PM

The global Swiss banking syndicate that is backing the war effort

Ye Shall Have Honest Weights and Measures and Respect Limits!
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Kofi Annan says….we had to scrap Equity in Law and Socio-Economic-Ecological politics because of the global financial imbalance which has created irrevocable insufficiency….
A war always helps to obscure the realities….
A Microcosm of the Global Timeshare swindle Economy and
Why the Swiss Banks need this war….
The daily rattle from clapped out trains hobbling on dilapitated rails through the run down remains of Britain’s railway stations (Bexhill and Hastings are good examples) exemplify the “economic success” of England (a microcosm of the global scenario whereby the poor countries are bled to fatten the rich nations) under the rule/hegemony of its financial manipulator/London Stock Exchange/Financial Services Authority owner UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) whose AAT (Active Advisory Team) experts in Zuerich flog the shares which the UBS Warburg investment bankers hype to keep their multi-million pound salaries/expenses/bonuses increasing…..UBS says….we’re untouchable because foreign insider trading laws don’t apply in our global Swiss bank moneylaundering/transfer-pricing Zuerich hub and we’re completely protected by the corrupt politicians who stash their loot into our secret number accounts….UBS explains….since we’ve started shortselling the global markets in March 2000 we’ve laundered trillions in Zuerich – then lending it back to the governments of the countries from where most of the money is syphoned off to Zuerich in the first place. This “recycled” money is then lent cheaply to the development/property racketeers so they can amass vast property holdings to drive up prices beyond sanity to further impoverish the poor slaves that must eke out a living to make us even richer. While the global infrastructure collapses – we’ve just wasted millions on building another Jean Nouvel “cloud machine” on lake Geneva – frankly we’re drowning in money that floods into Swiss banks as the rich follow the example of their crooked politicians/leaders/icons (easily identified by their overpriced Swiss watches) in response to our global advertising campaigns that keep the media charlatans in business…..Reuters must clear every news story with Zuerich….It’s one of the reasons why the Swiss banks need this war to keep the money flowing into their UN protected safe haven, to cover their massive long positions on oil/gas/commodities/gold now that that they succeeded in bankrupting ENRON and UBS taking over for nothing and to keep the Swiss franc rising against the world’s rubber currencies….UBS told the British Government….you have to raise the pension age to 70 (the Swiss retire at 50) and let the NHS kill off the old so that the few that make it beyond 70 can get as much as a one off Zuerich lunch as a weekly pension in gratitude for a lifetime of debt-riddled slavery….In effect UBS have turned the global economy into a gigantic timeshare swindle where the same “property share” is sold thousands of weeks in anyone year to an ever growing number of suckers…..what global environmental life support system…..a giant all-devouring/polluting/wastelaying human breeding belly surrounded by agri-factories and ever smaller housing as buildings are cut up into tiny flats that sell at more than the whole house before the racketeers moved in with all this cheap Swiss laundry money…..UBS told their American slaves “you need massive inflation” to create an artificial hype economy to service your gigantic national/personal debt mountains and keep mass-consumption up – there’s a simple formula – let the speculators buy up the housing stock like in England and then carve it up into ever tinier holes and call them flats selling at more than the whole building cost a couple of years ago and fuel the whole madness with incessant media hype….Only the Swiss need not worry as their currency buys ever more dollars and pounds and to add to their wealth they have just voted to distribute the stolen “Nazi Gold” billions to a “solidarity fund” that will go to the most deserving – the Swiss nation itself!
Bloomberg Business TV in Germany promotes “the power of partnership” of UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) the bank that shredded holocaust documents of Nazi victims who lost everything while Hitler’s cronies banked in Zuerich and got their money back with interest after the war….Bloomberg says globalisation means we need secret number accounts more than ever to hide those multi-million consultancy/director/transfer-pricing scams from the low wage sods who must earn them for us while we have a great time yachting and golfing….
The Swiss Banking School in Zuerich in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University – prominently advertised in the Economist teaches the global racketeering methods that have made the Swiss banks the world’s largest moneylaunderers/tax evasion cartels – why should the rest of the world be financed with the money the Swiss banks syphon off in the first place or worse still lack the finance that has been stashed into Switzerland because it is only recycled amongst the suckers that are deferential to the Swiss bank racketeers. As the rest of the world’s dilapitated infrastructure falls apart….in Britain and America a clapped out rail/road/underground system….France must cancel its World Exhibition….while the Swiss pay themselves the world’s largest pensions and wages…..Adolf Hitler said…if the Germans should be unable to conquer the world….the Swiss banks will accomplish my objectives and create an Aryan superpower that will leave the rest of the world begging….
Companies/Governments/Individuals which accept Swiss bank finance are criminal associates in racketeering…..the Swiss banks have corrupted justice to such an extent that it is no longer a question of right or wrong but simply one of money; money that will pay to corrupt and pervert justice according to the deep Swiss bank pockets that are loaded with the stolen assets accumulated from a century of global racketeering which has turned the planet into a paradise for thieves, fraudsters and crooks at the expense of their long-suffering victims whose deprivations keep the Swiss bank criminals and their associates in the feudal splendour of their tax-free yacht/golf/jet-set lifestyles while the rest of the world drowns in poverty/misery/deprivation/exploitation/oppression/overcrowding…..Air 2000 takes off yet another inch between already cramped seats…..while UBS advertises its London/Zuerich moneylaundering rackets on the way to check-in….
after having hooked a politician/bureaucrat into a secret Swiss number account; the Swiss banks control his socio-economic-ecological-military politics like a baker his dough….
Upholding Free Speech/Facts – the Swiss banks/Financial Services Groups –operating as a global Concert and Sailing Party conducted by UBS (United Bank of Switzerland-the bank that corrupted the world with the junk bond/moneylaundering/tax fraud/racketeering-cartel/transfer-pricing/planet destruction culture)- syphon off more than 70% of the world’s assets
(not counting the billions of USD that the rich and famous and political/royal “elites/thieves” have piled into Switzerland since the September 11th terrorist attack which has driven up the Swiss franc by more than 20% making the Swiss banks more than USD20trillion in off-balance-sheet profits – this illgotten gain belongs to the victims of the of Sept 11th and all those who have lost their savings)
finance/control/manipulate the debt-riddled global media empires, the political charlatans/dictators/governments, the corrupt/pliable/ignorant academics, the corporate racketeers/boardroom stooges, the conniving/colluding/profiting corporations/institutions all of which are behind the global accounting fraud that causes social injustice/violence/crime proliferation/planet destruction – US State Treasurer.......America/Britain/EU/the World is now a pathetic impotent prisoner of the Swiss banks......30 million Americans subsist on food stamps/more than 10million Britons below the poverty line/more than 1billion humans earn less than one USD a day….. EU Commissioner…..the Swiss banks have colonised the planet through debt bondage turning it into a global slave/serf economy which fuels inflation (the charlatans measure inflation on mass-produced cheap’n’nasty throw away rubbish while property prices are soaring by more than 20% p.a. in Britain mobile phone charges have increased by more than 500%) as ever more debt is serviced with ever more debt which fuels unsustainable economic madness/crime in habitat/wildlife exterminating development/construction/agri-poisoning/mass-production/transport/tourism causing ever more resource depletion/wastelaying/pollution/desertification…….politically protected Fraternity of Corporate Racketeers….UBS taught us the tricks how to cheat the tax, the shareholders, the company, the employees and global society and walk away with USDmillions…..we don’t think there’s any environmental/pollution/wastelaying or planet destruction problems because we don’t suffer them from our yachts/country mansions/air-conditioned ivory towers……
The SEC cannot prosecute what are the world and America’s biggest stock/commodity-market traders/manipulators/insiders because the SEC has no control over the odious/corrupt Zuerich insiders ……Philadelphia loses more than USD5billion on its Swiss bank manipulated pension investments…..pathetically CNN’s American Edition is sponsored by UBS…..Swiss Bank Director…..we demanded that the nazis pay us in gold…whether it came from their victims teeth or not is irrelevant to us… that is laundered from Zuerich via London and Connecticut…..Bank of China boss….of course we know it’s stolen money…..UBS Warburg take 25% stake…..California State Electricity board pays UBS….UBS takes over Enron…..Swiss banks incite and perpetrate (via false/ misleading/inciting advertising in major Airports from London to Malaga/the Sunday Times/CNN/The Economist/BBC Worldservice/N-TV/Newsweek/Time and other unscrupulous media carriers), aid and abet millions of EU/US citizens to defraud EU/US tax/securities laws by failing to complete their status declarations and by bundling their stockmarket trades as in house trades from Zuerich via London, New York, Connecticut, Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Brazil, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid etc. etc.…..Josef (Swiss) Ackermann…..I’m effectively running Deutsche Bank on behalf of the Swiss banks….yes you could say they’re financial SS stormtroopers…..Lehman Bros….we’re just minor camp-guards for UBS…..they’ve created a global financial Auschwitz out there……Ernst & Young Partner…..nobody can audit a Swiss bank because everything is hidden behind secret number accounts and untraceable letterbox companies…..UBS own us that’s the difference; we do as they tell us….conveniently in Switzerland it is an imprisonable State Offence to disclose illegalities, irregularities or crimes committed by your employer…..
Holocaust/Apartheid Survivor/Swiss bank investment scam victims….the past and present show that the Swiss are not fit and proper people to run banks.
UN cohabitation with the Swiss moneylaunderers/tax fraudsters/cartel racketeers discredits the entire UN system and dishonours the International Community! The UN Partnership To Fight Poverty is a cruel deception on the victims of global Swiss bank racketeering! Drug-infested/moneylaundering/tax-fraud-facilitating/transferpricing Casino town Geneva with more than 20K prostitutes/call girls is an ideal UN location for human rights, social policy and economic justice……it’s a slur on global Governance!
The European/American Banking Federation is running a global protection racket for the Swiss banks…..their Chairmen/Directors are all Swiss bank appointees……SEC investigator……Zuerich is the secret “insider” hub of the world where the global Swiss Investment banking information threads converge which they use to attack the global markets with massive lever action market manipulations…..that make governments beg for mercy….. Treasury Official……any terrorist or criminal can open a secret Swiss number account…..a false/forged ID or passport will do….they check nothing other than the cash……and they will provide you with a convenient Swiss letterbox address c/o your Swiss bank…..on their internal documentation they will falsify clients nationality, domicile, residency and status declarations to circumvent every law and regulation…..their bank statements are addressed to a number…..the Swiss government collude and connive because it’s Switzerland’s biggest moneyspinner…..after having hooked a politician into a secret Swiss number account; the Swiss banks control his politics like a baker his dough….
To restore global equilibrium, decency, law and order, ethics and integrity the Swiss banks have to be broken up and the United Nations and their Institutions have to leave Switzerland.
An International Court of Justice to be established to bring the Swiss multinational corporate/banking/financial racketeers to justice and restore the stolen money to the victims before they salt it away by buying up the rest of the world via their Swiss Cartel Associates!
UNIDO Director….of course it’s great to have a booming world economy and no eco-system to enjoy it other than a polluted/contaminated Saharian desert/flood-riddled agrichemical factory farms/concrete jungle….since 1945 an area the size of China and India combined has been desertified……a consequence of massive deforestation…..

It's Your Responsibility - C'est Votre Responsabilite - Es ist Deine Verantwortung - Es Su Responsabilidad

G8 “leader” all “summits” are a charade as long as the Swiss banks control our finances with the money stolen/syphoned off from crime syndicates and false/deceptive/misleading advertising….after every summit our Central/Fed Bank Chairmen have to go to Basel in Switzerland cap in hand….
Senior Federal Reserve Officer:…. Hitler and his Nazi Government banked with the Swiss banks;…why else would we license them?…..
Senior EU Chief….to the best of my recollection I don’t have a secret Swiss bank account….in any case you could never prove it, ha, ha, ha…….Mubarak….my visits to Zuerich are private…..Arafat….I only visit my Geneva pals….Palestinian refugee…..the rich Muslims/Arabs are stashing their fortunes into Switzerland while we’re starving…..
Senior Global Swiss Bank trader…..shareholder rights…don’t make me laugh…..while the shareholders think they own the company we’re “long” or “short” on these shares thousands of times in excess of the actual shares in existence….shareholders are just serfs which we control like we control the board of directors…..we’ve made a fortune out of Worldcom, Enron, Tyco, Vivendi, British Rail etc. by shorting them since early 2000…… of course we trade pollution/environmental destruction permits in the same way…..and we shorted the USD since September 11th which has made us more than 20trillion USD in hidden off balance sheeet profits as the Swiss franc continues to spiral upwards…..
African leader….while we were starving and being tortured, imprisoned and murdered our “white” government was kept in power with Swiss bank finance…..
The Swiss bank gnomes of Zuerich have found that well educated, knowledgeable people can be bought like candy and manipulated like puppets and if you paid them well enough they could become as crooked as the gnomes of Zuerich themselves assisting in creating a notorious, corrupt global Monopoly/Cartel/Racketeering economy.
African Tribal Chief…..Swiss bank financed globalisation is wiping out the last traditional African culture/harmony with wildlife/natural habitat and replacing it with the organised mass hysteria of the consumption zombies…..
Swiss Bank Director….America is only a microcosm of a world of ignorant/corruptible hillbillies/cowboys/suckers – take away their guns/pretences – and all that’s left is a massive pile of debt owed to their Swiss bank masters……in Stamford, Connecticut one Swiss bank alone –UBS(Warburg) AG owns the world’s largest trading floor/boiler room comprising two football fields of traders corrupting/manipulating the world’s “free” markets….the Swiss banks told the corrupt media to call them “investors”….. stock/bond/forex/gold/oil&gas commodity traders are the prostitutes…the gnomes of Zuerich are the pimps….in London UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) owns the Stock-Exchange itself….they’re the fags, bootlickers and handmaidens of their Swiss bank masters…..
World Food Program……every year more than 150million humans are born (after deduction of 50million abortions) and less than 80million die (of which only 10% die of old age)…..unless this madness is reversed….anyone talking about “sustainable development” is either a crook, a charlatan or a Swiss bank crony…..
Swiss Financial Services Group VP…..through our London and US subsidiaries we start the concert parties…..our vast “long” positions drive the markets up beyond sanity…..forcing our “clients”…..I mean victims into debt…..then we determine a zenith and start going “short”…..while we keep our victims buying…..when the “good” stocks are down….meaning those we can hype up again next time….we take them over or put them back into our warehouses for next time….for us all clients/savers/pensioners are suckers…..
ILO….by 2010 an additional 1600million jobs will need to be invented…..yes globalisation has already caused more than 1000 million unemployed…..ever more humans means ever more automated/robotised mass-production/takeovers/mergers means ever more unemployment which is not compensated by the racketeering jobs that sustain the global Swiss bank crime syndicates.….
Swiss bank stockbroker….during the long stockmarket boom from 1995 to 2000 we prevented private clients from participating…..the market’s too risky we told them….but at its very height….we incited clients to pile in their savings and assets into the most overpriced/overhyped stocks which we were starting to shortsell….That’s why we’re the world’s biggest/richest banks….the Holocaust/crime money is peanuts to us….
State Governor….the so-called “World Business Council for sustainable development” and its global subsidiaries -founded by Swiss Asbestos/anti-abortion Billionaire/narcissistic Cult leader associate (he needs ever more victims) – backed by servile/half-baked/greedy/corrupt MIT/UN/Chalmers/Tokyo/ETH associates - is nothing other than a global pretext for facilitating/promoting Swiss banking/trade/transfer-pricing/moneylaundering/tax-evasion scams in Geneva and Zuerich…..this council has presided over 30 years of accelerated planet destruction/deforestation/desertification/pollution/wastelaying…..intent on “growing/exploding” the world economy for a planned/predetermined 12Billion humans…..
Charity Commissioner…..with one hand they stash their fortunes into Swiss bank accounts and with the other they go begging for ever more charities…..the Swiss banks have syphoned off more than 70% of the planet’s assets to finance the extreme/excessive wealth of Switzerland and its cronies comprising less than onethousandth of the world’s human population….
MD….a sick planet means sick humans…..though a healthy planet would wipe out the mushrooming Swiss owned “healthcare/drugs” industry and its side-effects…..
Queens Counsel…..English law protects/rewards thieves in that possession is 90% of the law while the principle of equity has been scrapped on the orders of the oligarchy…..that’s why the Swiss banks own England……
US Senator…the Swiss banks and their rackets have done more harm to the American economy than global warming…..they bankrupted Enron to take them over for nothing and after taking some USD340milllion in paybacks…..
Earth Summit 2002 Organiser….the Swiss banks have turned money into a global foodchain for ever more parasites/leeches that feed on the dying planet Earth body……that’s why they re-invented god because you’ve got to have something to blame/pray for the globalised dishonesty/insanity…..
FBI/Interpol/CIA/MI6…..terrorists have thousands of secret, untraceable number accounts and letter box companies in Switzerland…..just like ordinary criminals do…..this crime money is recycled to finance ever more deforestation….desertification…..unsustainable development… the criminals expand their global rackets…..unfortunately we’ve always been too busy investigating/infiltrating/persecuting/interfering/fragmenting environmental/wildlife/ecology activists……
Global Economist….the Swiss banks are financing/rewarding ever more unsustainable “economic growth” causing globalised environment/wildlife/habitat destruction, pollution/deforestation/wastelaying which is causing more hunger/deprivation/exploitation/discrimination/racism/economic migration/unemployment……
Theologian….the cult leader’s “scientific council” claim that the planet could easily crowd 20billion humans if you kill off the remaining wildlife and nature reserves that subsist on the 5% of planet that’s not yet human invaded, occupied, over-populated, polluted, desertified, contaminated and wastelaid…..he says it’s the only way to fill the churches and his Swiss bank coffers…..
Atomic Safety Expert…..there’s more than 400 Nuclear Power Stations under construction… 2010 China alone will need more than 500 Fastbreeders to meet its exponential energy consumption……of course, it’s always Swiss bank finance…..yes there’s more than 1kg of leaking plutonium waste for every human on the planet….half of it dumped into the oceans……
Swiss bank NYSE trader…..we’re rewarding planet destruction and defrauding the planet Earth shareholders….effectively we’ve been shortselling the planet for a century or more…..the stockmarket’s a crooked game and only insiders know the tricks…..
Band Aid singer….I never woz any good at math…..what’s it mean…..exponential….
Redundant Enron worker…..there’s global enronisation where money is made or “lost” for no other purpose but to enrich the Swiss bank insiders who busted us - at the expense of the victims….there’s “free speech” except for victims…..of course the global bio-diversity/ecological life support system has no freedom or speech at all….
Public Rights Lawyer….the Swiss banks aka Financial Services Groups are a global malignant cancer….destabilizing/corrupting/perverting the global legal, ethical, moral and environmental fabric/potential of society….
Swiss Government Official….yes, we told the Swiss banks to shred all incriminating holocaust records….frankly we are a legal/financial pariah state….how do you think our wealth and multi-nationals are financed?….our government and institutions operate a global protection racket for the Swiss banks…..yes, the world/media has been conniving, colluding and participating… the end we had to legalise “drugs”….the world’s largest Art Fair (Art Basel) has expanded its moneylaundering activities to Miami where it is now operating as Art Basel in Miami while UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) simultaneously expands its worldwide art dealing/gallery operations….
UK Diplomat….Switzerland is not a democracy – it’s a banking dictatorship…..and we’re getting whipped….just watch the dollar, euro and pound sterling continue collapsing…..UBS Warburg made over a billion pounds bringing British Rail to the market and acting as official Treasury advisor while shortselling the shares….it shows total political corruption, connivance or incompetence…..
Tax expert…..the Swiss banks have used yachts for illegal offshore money-laundering/tax-evasion ‘sailing’ for some time….disguised as “sport”….and advertised/promoted in the world’s global media backdoors such as CNN/BBC etc…..Spain and Germany are just two of the more open backdoors through which billions of EU capital escapes into non EU Switzerland. Bull-fighter promoter/apologist El Pais and n(otorious)tv promote/advertise Swiss banks….
Professor….the Swiss banks’ syphoning off the world’s assets has created a global dictatorship of finance/debt sustained by ever more deferential pawns; creating ever more victims.….if you call this democracy you must be devious or naive…..
Historian… Kiev, Russia, 29/30 Sept. 1941 Nazi Einsatz Kommando “executed” 33,771 Jews; Eichmann, the butcher, admits to “liquidating” more than
2 million Jews by the Nazi Einsatztroopers in the East. (Not including the concentration camp murders) At the same time the stolen assets -from millions of victims including those of the Holocaust going back to the 1st World War - laundered via the Swiss banks by the "Devisenschutzkommandos" (Asset Protection Commandos) of the German Army (see Otto Wolff files in the KGB Moscow Archives) - have given the Swiss banks the financial clout to order about governments and central banks and make thieving from clients a daily routine……
Global reporter (who is not on Swiss bank kickbacks/insider trading tips)….the Swiss nazi banks and their crooked lawyers continue to prevent us from exposing the truth about the Swiss banks….that’s why it’s always football, hype, disinformation and propaganda as usual…
Global newsreader….we only read what our Swiss bank owners/advertisers shove in front of us….
Graduate jobseeker…..ethics? what ethics?….everything’s sponsored/financed with dirty Swiss bank money…..
Consumer……the Swiss banks have perfected the art of false, misleading and deceptive advertising, marketing and sponsorship…..
Nobel Price winner who refused the “dynamite honour”….the Swiss banks have created a globalised:
TO BE CROOKED OR NOT TO BE (other than as victims)
To restore global equilibrium, decency, law and order, ethics and integrity the Swiss banks have to be broken up and the United Nations and their Institutions have to leave Switzerland.

The Swiss banks created the global media/corporate empires through massive debt-financing so that they can induce/force/manipulate them to connive/approve/promote/sustain/cash-in the global money-laundering/tax-evasion/transfer-pricing/insider-dealing/market-manipulation/accounting fraud rackets which the Swiss banks operate which drive global crime/corruption/social ignorance/unsustainable economic growth….recovery….which cause ongoing planet-destruction. (Swiss bank Zuerich bosses: Gian (spats) Rossetti: we’re not mafia gangsters we’re just more clever than you….call it “civilised” if you like….when we attack/shortsell the Dollar/Pound/Euro/Peso etc. we make billions for our Swiss franc moneylaunderers while you sods lose out…How do you think we busted Argentina?…Enron?….AIB?….Willy (bent Willy) Bohli ….”if anybody knew what we’re doing here; we’d be hanged by the International Community”….Thomas (singing Lenny) Krawietz….Milosevic was a banker in the Swiss tradition…when he tried to compete with us we told Solano to bomb him to pieces…..Ernst (and Young) Hochstrasser….illegal US offshore stock trading using false names without US/SEC status declarations has always been our speciality…we only rip off clients we want to get rid off…Frau Kaeser….to put it bluntly; we’re running a fully blown extortion racket….Julia Noble…I didn’t know they are such crooks…we’re handmaidens and just take orders from the gnomes of Zuerich…Martin (cooking the books) Frei…Swiss banks make money FROM clients…not FOR clients….we don’t call it defrauding….Eric (cleric) Huggenberg…as legal counsel we are employed to cover, protect, deny and delay….the massive insider trading we carry out from Zuerich via our foreign subsidiaries is against all laws except in Switzerland….Mia Edwards….UBS AG is a client of UBS Warburg LLC…it’s a neat way to circumvent offshore/insider/price-fixing laws because they own us….the SEC wouldn’t dare to touch us….Marcel (I don’t want to know) Ospel…if we didn’t own our auditors CAP GEMINI ATAG ERNST & YOUNG I would have to resign…Alex (Novartis) Krauer….we only deal with the politically pliable…the rest we rip off and get rid off…Haeringer/Gagnebien….Swiss banking means discretion means we check nothing other than cash….Rudi Bogni…I resigned when I realised that everybody knows that we’ve been manipulating the world surreptitiously ever since Hitler and his Nazi cronies banked their stolen loot with us….while Holocaust victims are still waiting for justice…Michel Meyrat…I resigned when we were told to involve clients in risky insider/price-fixing trading that we were conducting amongst our subsidiaries….Luqman Arnold…..I learned the tricks at Credit Suisse; then UBS fired me as CEO…..both are paying me big to keep quiet….Swiss Justice Minister Ruth (holy Ruth) Metzler-Arnold..what can we do…the Swiss banks are our paymasters, they control everything…just look who’s coming to Switzerland to bank their stolen loot… you think they come for the yodling….Urs Broder, Swiss State Attorney….we’re paid pawns of the Swiss banks….we’re just order takers….former President Clinton….they threatened me that they would turn the Dollar into a banana currency unless I void the FBI/Interpol arrest warrant for Marc Rich so they could have a free hand in busting Enron….. Romano (emperor) Prodi…we’ve given the Swiss banks carte blanche in Europe…why do you think I bank in Zuerich…Robert Anthony….SEC Attorney…do you think I want to end up like Roberto Calvi….found dead under a London bridge with his briefcase in Zuerich….Swiss judiciary….you don’t think we’re going to risk our mortgages…..the whole country banks with them….of course it’s racketeering….)
This is creating an ever bigger institutionalised global gangster world where vast Swiss bank laundered/generated/facilitated/originated money/debt flows (Swiss art dealers alone launder billions of tax-evasion dollars every year; ICA implicated; the Swiss banks are also the world’s largest Diamond, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Art and Property/Real Estate/Oil and Gas owners/dealers/launderers) finance totally unsustainable economic growth through massive planet/habitat/wildlife destructive/polluting construction/development of tourist/city slums, pestified/poisoned agri-factories and consequential infrastructure and mass-production supply/waste chains that require ever more mass-consumption/tourist-suckers in a limitless self-destructive expansion pattern so that the cunning/profiting criminals that have brought it all about claim we need ever more humans to pay the pensions of the growing numbers.
(post Club of Rome/Stockholm/Rio/Kyoto/Basel/Montreal/Johannesburg etc. fiascos)
SWISS/ZUERICH/GENEVA/LUGANO/BASEL OWNED/CONTROLLED Global Financiers of the Anti-PrimaryForests (more than 20million ha of forests hacked down every year), Anti-Animals (more than 30million animals slaughtered every day for meat), Anti-Nature (more than 50 species extinct/exterminated every day)
but Pro-Humans Über Alles Fanatics/Mussolini addicts
(more than 300,000 motor vehicles and more than 400,000 humans born every day fulfilling Hitler’s personal breeding policy for which multiple mothers received an olympic style bronze, silver or gold medal/cross supplied by the conniving church whose leaders deny the existence/rights of any other life form other than planet/habitat/forest destructive/polluting/wastelaying humans/hypocrites/charlatans)
too dishonest or too stupid or too stoned to understand or care
WHILST SWITZERLAND IS IN EXILE FROM DUTY; i.e. conniving/colluding/benefitting:
Those condoning/using/promoting/advertising the Swiss banks/cartels are corrupting/colluding/conniving/conspiring/collaborating in planet destruction.
update: UBS crime cell that handles all UBS illegal EU/US offshore/moneylaundering/tax evasion/transfer-pricing transactions without Status declarations under Nazi-originated Swiss laws that are designed to protect/absolve the Swiss banks that defraud foreigners whose complaints will be dismissed by servile Swiss bank paid government bootlickers
update: Swiss made means 50cent a day wages for 3rd world products that are then sold via Switzerland at exorbitant transfer-pricing mark-ups making the Swiss ever richer and the poor ever poorer
1. Why are the Swiss Banks without any foreign retail outlets the world’s largest asset managers/creditors/racketeers/insiders/manipulators (the only banks that have no third party debts) whose assets exceed the total Third world debt a hundred times over? Is this why Swiss bank lackeys drivel always about “freedom”, “free” trade and “the free market economy” and promote “globalisation” while counting the loot in their brown envelopes? (the sole purpose of globalisation is to sustain/profit the global Swiss banks/insider trading cartels and their vast multi-million USD/Pound/SFr. salaries/expense accounts/stock options/tax-free-backhanders which the crooked/self-serving boardroom leeches/gangsters and their law-bending/twisting/re-writing accountancy and legal protection racketeers can extort from the global slave/serf economy which also finances the corrupt/feudal lifestyles of the political acolytes/associates) 90% of ordinary businesses have less annual turnover than what these people take in one off ‘emoluments/handshakes’!
2. How much direct/indirect/nominee tax-evasion/transfer-pricing/crime money/assets from fictitious business/art deals/transactions to drugs/arms/prostitution/property/casino crime do the Swiss banks via more than 10,000 cartel subsidiaries/associates syphon off every year? How can such illicit money be distinguished from that of ordinary/legal businesses, savers, pensionfunds and investors?
3. How many letterbox companies are operated in Zug, Zuerich, Fribourg, Geneva, Lugano and other Swiss Cantons that specialise in facilitating international moneylaundering/transfer-pricing/tax-evasion/crime money flight that ends up in Swiss banks?
How much foreign money/assets have overall been transferred/deposited/laundered/stolen/stashed away in/by Swiss banks since 1914? (During the last 100 years everybody has paid with their blood, sweat and tears, their lives, their health, their emotions, their savings, their assets, their culture, their quality of life and foremost the planet has paid dearly for the savage destruction that the exponentially expanding global Swiss bank stolen/laundered money/debt supply imposes:
only the Swiss banks –with criminal intent- have profited ruthlessly and continue to profit aggressively from it all unceasingly, unrelentingly and unscrupulously.)This is creating an ever bigger institutionalised global gangster world where vast Swiss bank laundered/generated/facilitated/originated money/debt flows finance totally unsustainable economic growth through massive planet/habitat/wildlife destructive/polluting construction/development of tourist/city slums, pestified/poisoned agri-factories and consequential infrastructure and mass-production supply/waste chains that require ever more consumption/tourist-suckers/freaks/slaves/dopes in a limitless self-destructive expansion pattern so that the criminals/idiots that have brought it all about claim we need ever more humans to pay the pensions of the growing numbers.

5. How many secret/nominee number accounts do the Swiss banks operate? Credit Suisse the smaller of the two Swiss banks admits to 70million number accounts with minimum assets in excess of USD1million each amounting to more than USD70trillion without counting the ordinary accounts. UBS is at least twice as gigantic with likely assets exceedingUSD200trillion in Swiss Francs (don’t bother to check this against their fraudulent, massaged accounts prepared and “audited” by their own (CAP GEMINI) Ernst & Young bank lackeys)…..WOW…that’s why there is so much poverty/infrastructure dilapidation, debt and feudalism everywhere!
(These gigantic assets are regularly used in the global markets to collapse the USDollar, pound sterling, euro and bankrupt other currencies making the Swiss banks trillions in profit)

6. Why should the arrogant/nasty/greedy/dishonest Swiss dribbling with self-righteous smugness control the world’s governments, the UN, jobs, money, food, baby milk/food, drugs, oil/gas, cement, watches, media, trade, chemicals, casinos, motor-racing, polo, tennis, boxing and football? (Swiss FIFA Dictator Sepp Blatter….let’s face it everything is fixed by the vested financial interests/sponsors; since Swiss based IMG have taken over global sport/entertainment/politics all results are decided in Zuerich…..
7. Why has the international media through which the Swiss banks/Financial Services Crime syndicates incite global moneylaundering/tax evasion not (so far) been held responsible? (Swiss banks tell media racketeers Berlusconi, Murdoch, AolTimeWarner/Cnn etc. unless you do as we tell you we’ll “Kirch” you…Germany’s Kirch media empire bankrupted….)

8. Why did the Swiss banks admit that every day more than 54,000 humans die from malnutrition (up from 10,000 a day in 1970) and more than 1000million humans (1billion) must subsist on less than 1USD a day? 20% (of which 2% own 90%) of humans own 80% of global assets and income, consume 80% of resources, cause 80% of planet/habitat/bio-diversity destruction, 80% of global pollution and wastelaying (ref. Swiss Bank Corporation – now UBS AG – Corporate Economic Services, November 1996) According to the Swiss based IUCN only some 5% of global landspace remains as Nature in the form of natural habitat; the remaining 95% are already invaded, occupied, polluted, contaminated, poisoned and turned into a gigantic global agri-factory to feed, house, clothe, employ, transport, defend, entertain and genetically engineer ever more humans!

9. Why do the Swiss bank controlled/indebted partner/lackey media like CNN, Fox/Sky, TV5, NTV, BBC Worldservice, Time, TV7, The Economist, the FT (Pearson Group), The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the Fairfax group and all the other sycophants/boardroom stooges connive with the planet-destructive moneylaundering/tax evasion Swiss banks/Financial Services Crime Syndicates by fencing the stolen money via dishonest, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, cynical and false advertising/sponsorship rather than expose the truth?(it’s what the Swiss banks call triumphantly “the power of partnership” Murdoch/CNN/Berlusconi owe more than USD50billion to UBS Warburg/CSFB and must dance to the whip of their global Zuerich gnome directed crime syndicate advertising agency)

10. What is the direct correlation between increasing global poverty, hunger, exploitation, oppression, deprivation, infrastructure deterioration/collapse, corruption, slavery, terrorism, nationalism and xenophobia and Swiss bank originated Swiss wealth and prosperity? b. why do the Swiss employ more than 2million servile foreigners/slaves to do their dirty work? These are the economic migrants who have been corrupted to see the “western media glorified mass-consumption enslavement as a panacea of bliss and “freedom”…yes, freedom to cause/buy/deliver your share of planet/habitat destruction, deforestation, desertification, pollution, wastelaying and exploitation through global tax-evasion/moneylaundering/thieving.

11. What are the methods used by the Swiss banks to entice, syphon off, receive, stash away, launder the world’s savings, pension-funds, back-handers, commissions, income-excesses, black/crime money in breach of national and international money-laundering/offshore/tax and insider laws?

12. What is the extent of connivance/collusion/participation of law/tax-enforcement agencies/regulatory authorities/academic institutions/governments/United Nations/European Commission/bureaucrats in aiding and abetting the Swiss banks breaching such laws?

13. What is Romano Prodi (President/Dictator of EU (accountable to nobody)/Zuerich Investment Director/cult leader associate), Xavier Solano (self-styled EU Foreign Policy Chief, sponsored Credit Suisse spokesman/cult leader associate), Silvio Berlusconi (Dictator of Italy/holder of 6year jail sentence for corruption/media racketeer and regular Swiss laundry client/cult leader associate), HRE The Pope (Swiss bank financed cult leader whose church connived with the murderers of six million Jews – who denies the existence/rights of the global bio-diversity/eco-life support system by teaching global collusion/ignorance and promoting ongoing planet destruction), Emperor Bokassa (former C.A.R. President/distributor of diamonds to suitable French Politicians/cult leader associate), Margaret Thatcher (former Prime Minister who sold the family silver to the Swiss banks) Helmut Kohl (former German Chancellor and proposed Credit Suisse Main Board Director/cult leader/Kirch media associate), Milosevic (former Banker and dictator), Kofi Annan (President United Nations), Adolf Ogi (former shoe polish salesman/Swiss President now Olympic Committee Chairman), Ken Livingstone (Capitalist Mayor of London/Sponsor of Tower of Babylon, former Trotskyist “red Ken”), (General Marcos/Suharto/Chavez, former Presidents of the Philippines/Indonesia/Venezuela who EACH stashed USD5billion of development aid into the Swiss banks, followed by Estrada et al/cult leader associates), The Hinduja Brothers (typical Swiss bank clients who forked out USD3million for UK passports), Lord Sainsbury (chaingrocer and billionaire ripping off a whole nation and handing the money to the Swiss who own his empire), General Pinochet (ex murderer/armsdealer/dictator/cult leader associate), Fujimori (ex wheeler/dealer/Peruvian PM), Lord Brittan (former EU Commissioner/Swiss bank Vice-Chairman), Alan Greenspan (Chairman Federal Reserve), Wim Duisenberg (President EU Central bank) Eddie George (Chairman Bank of England) and virtually every South American/African Leader/drugs/arms dealer/cult leader associate, the IMF, the Worldbank, FREDDIEMAC, the EIB, EBRD etc. connection with the Swiss banks and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements in Basel)? Is that why the Basel Chernobyl was never exposed? (When Swiss Chemical giant Sandoz decided to switch into Baby Milk/food they blew up their warehouse and polluted the Rhine from Basel to Rotterdam with mercury etc.)
14. Why are the World Trade Organisation, the World Economic Forum, the Commission on Global Governance, the Olympic Committee, the Economic Commission for Europe, the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, the International Labour Office, the Centre for Human Rights, FIFA and all the other UN playboy/handmaiden organisations headquartered in the dope-infested, corrupt Geneva money-laundry? Is it because it’s more convenient for laundry visits/ banking all the brown envelopes on top of the tax-free salaries, tax-free shopping and expense accounts?

15. Why has the Swiss puppet government legalised narcotics when the whole world is trying to combat drug addiction; to incite other governments to follow and keep the ignorant masses stoned so they don’t know/understand what their Swiss bank sponsored/corrupted Fuehrers are doing to the planet and to justify laundering all the proceeds and keep their drugs cartels thriving?
16. Why did former Swiss Cabinet Minister Kopp resign following her lawyer husbands’ confession that he had laundered hundreds of millions of dollars of drugs money for the Swiss banks? Why was nobody ever charged? (Of course the Swiss banks never “know” anything, they’re only pimps/fences/facilitators/incitors)
17. Why do the Swiss banks own the London Stock Exchange and the so-called regulatory authority FSA (both limited companies)? a. How do the Swiss banks continue to prevent the SEC, Treasury and law enforcement agencies from investigating their global rackets?

18. What is the lever action the Swiss banks use to manipulate the global stock, commodity, foreign exchange and debt markets?

19. What is the “long/short”, derivatives, options, futures, warrants and other Swiss based “Game Institute” theories originated global fraud and deception position of the Swiss banks in respect of major global corporations, commodities and foreign exchange at any one time?

20. What is the “Game” Institute’s connection with the global “Swiss made” scam whereby 50 cent a day wages are paid for Third world products that are then transfer-sold via Switzerland at exorbitant prices making the Swiss ever richer and the poor ever poorer.

21. how were the Swiss banks in particular UBS AG involved in the collapse of ENRON? The mutually co-ordinated counter-trades - that enabled the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars by the Swiss bank insiders/manipulators for the benefit of Enron/UBS bosses and associates - facilitated UBS taking over Enron’s global oil/gas trading and thereby controlling the world’s energy markets as well; how well is this global scam being investigated? What similar tricks did the Swiss banks use to bankrupt/defraud AIB, Barings, Paine Webber and other victims?

22. What is the control the Swiss banks exert over governments, other banks, bureaucrats, board of directors, universities, institutes etc. during the time they control their debts, shares, stock and politics?
23. What is the Swiss banks’ control over the Swiss and foreign universities including corrupt/colluding Reading University’s ISMA Centre/Wharton/Warwick et al where they teach you how to stuff brown envelopes (largely their own) steal, rob and cheat clients, massage accounts, develop/invent easily saleable financial “vehicles” and scientific/technological crap and anything that can be flogged/traded/manipulated/infiltrated/corrupted on the globalised markets?
24. Why is UBS AG (aka UBS Warburg/UBS Warburg Dillon Read/UBS Paine Webber/UBS Phillips & Drew/UBS GAM Asset Management/UBS Brinson and thousands of subsidiary companies and Cartel associates) “audited” by Ernst & Young (aka CAP GEMINI Ernst & Young) which is owned by ATAG AG of Switzerland which is owned by Swiss Bank Corporation which is now owned by UBS AG?
a. why is UBS AG subsidiary ATAG Ernst & Young also “auditing” the Swiss National Bank whose assets consist entirely of the stolen Nazi gold?
b. Since when is it legal/acceptable that Banks are audited by their own subsidiary companies staffed by their own bank employee lackeys and why is this criminal activity condoned?

25. Why have the so-called Swiss bank “auditors” failed to uncover the massive theft of savings/pensions/the holocaust billions and the massive proceeds from drugs/arms/crime since the First World War that has enabled the Swiss banks to buy up the world?
The fact is that any organisation/corporation/authority that is “audited” by Ernst & Young or involved with CAP GEMINI is in fact a UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) global cartel/crime syndicate vassal/lackey/pawn subsidiary.

26. Why is it a criminal offence in Switzerland to disclose criminal offences committed by a Swiss employer; is it to protect the Swiss Banks’ criminal moneylaundering/transfer-pricing scams and to whitewash Switzerland’s global extortion/price-fixing rackets?
27. Is it to protect the country’s mushrooming “legal/accountancy” practices that act as money-laundries on behalf of the Swiss banks?

28. What is the purpose of secret number accounts/letterbox companies other than to protect the criminals that set them up/use them? Most of them are of course set up by the Swiss banks themselves – on behalf of the criminals.

29. What is the purpose of the Swiss banks Zuerich Financial Services Group/Private Banking/AMFQ-CH6 extortion racket - that handles all illegal UBS offshore transactions - which consists of unlicensed traders/insiders/manipulators/racketeers/fraudsters with the specific intention to manipulate the global markets with the money stolen from clients? Money that is traded illegally on the US stockmarket without clients Status Declarations. b. Is this the UBS crime cell where the Zuerich State Prosecutors collect their daily coke/beer money/pay-offs? c. Why do the Swiss banks advertise globally in English when Switzerland’s crooked Nazi originated laws protect/absolve the Swiss banks that defraud english-speaking foreigners whilst complaints (that will be dismissed by the servile Swiss bank paid government bootlickers) must be made in German? c. How can the Swiss banks have accumulated more than USD50billion in spare pettycash to take over US Paine Webber and Donaldson, Lufkin, Jenrette and previously the two Warburgs, Dillon Read, GAM Asset Management, Phillips & Drew, Brinson etc. to name just a few if this money had not been stolen from clients?

30. Who are the Swiss bank racketeers/market manipulators/insiders/unlicensed traders/fraudsters that operate under assumed/false names manipulating the global stock/commodity/foreign exchange markets from their Zuerich moneylaundry?

31. What is the connection between former Presidents Reagan/Bush and the Swiss bank Asbestos Billionaire who flew them in his private jet to the RIO SUMMIT on behalf of his so-called “World Business Council for sustainable Development” that advocates growing the planet-destructive world economy towards a planned world population of at least 12billion humans of which 6billion to be herded into Texas?

32. Why are the world’s largest cartel/price fixing operators like De Beers, Michelin, Pirelli, Ikea, Swatch, Dunhill, Roche/Boehringer-Inglesheim, Ciba, Sulzer, Lonza, Nestle/Rowntree/Perrier, ABB, ENRON, Swiss Re, Zuerich Financial Services, British American Tobacco, Phillip Morris, Novartis, Cargill, CSFB/Credit Suisse/Winterthur, Sandoz/Gerber, Holderbank Corporation (the world’s largest cement producer), ADIA now ADECCO (the world’s largest job agency), Ares-Serono (the world’s largest IVF massproducer), UBS AG (the world’s largest asset owner) to name just a tiny few operating via a web of Swiss letterbox companies that facilitate untraceable transfer-pricing, price-fixing and money-laundering which leave the profits in Swiss francs in Swiss banks and thus defrauding the honest workers of the world? (Swiss Roche was fined 750million USD for price-fixing in the USA yet carries on as if nothing had happened – it’s the “freedom of the free market economy”, the fines are paid by the consumer)

33. Why have all major and Third World currencies been ongoingly devalued against the Swiss franc by more than 1000% since 1939? a. why are the Swiss banks the world’s largest currency/commodity/stock traders, regularly bankrupting entire countries?

34. Why did the Swiss banks bankrupt England in the 1970s under PM Harold Wilson and caused the subsequent Pound Sterling devaluation under PM John Major and the UK’s current staggering indebtedness to the Swiss banks? a. Why did the Swiss banks bankrupt the Argentine and previously Brazil, Thailand, Russia, Mexico etc by massively shortselling their currencies?

35. Why do the world’s political/military/criminal/feudal/royal/entertainment “elites/thieves” hide their loot/fortunes in secret Swiss bank accounts?

36. Why is the Brazilian Development bank run by a UBS Warburg lackey? Why is Swiss banker Ackerman running Deutsche Bank?

37. What other governments, institutions, banks and corporations are run by Swiss bank associates/lackeys?

38. How many billions of USD have the Swiss banks and their cartel associates like Nestle, Roche, Novartis, Ciba, Sandoz, Schindler, Sulzer, ABB etc. been able to lay on the table to buy up the world and what is the amount the Swiss banks defrauded from the Holocaust victims?

39. Swiss prosecutor Carla Ponte (with a little help from Swiss Professor Ziegler) tried to investigate the Swiss banks and what happened: she was shoved off to The Haque to prosecute Milosevic and Ziegler was put under house-arrest at Geneva university while the Swiss banks continue to finance their rackets with the stolen Milosevic millions.

40. What other law enforcement people either today work as paid Swiss bank lackeys or have been shoved off into exile from duty? Increasing violence by braindead/illiterate/robotised police accompanied by Hitler’s favorite vehicles against peaceful demonstrators shows the total corruption/faschist terrorism of law enforcement and feudal governments acting to protect the globalised Swiss bank crime rackets.
41. What trade union people today either work as paid Swiss bank lackeys or have been shoved off into exile from duty? Ever lower wages/higher taxes for workers and ever higher tax-free emoluments/backhanders/commissions/pensions/share options/expenses-paid feudal lifestyles for parasitic directors/politicians/bureaucrats demonstrate collusion by the trade unions with the global Swiss racketeers.

42. Why was UBS Warburg chosen to bring British Railtrack to the market and allowed to make billions while letting railtrack go bust? Why is British Railtrack financing the new London Tower of Babylon under London Capitalist Mayor Livingstone (formerly known as “red Ken”) when the dilapitated British rail system/stations are falling apart from disrepair and lack of maintenance, retro-fitting and investment.
43. What undertaking did PM Toni Blair have to give to the Swiss bank controlled/indebted London City Financiers so they would let him win the election via their lackey newspapers and media?
44. Was privatisation of the health service, the police, the legal system, the Royal Family and local authorities à la British Rail and giving the Swiss banks/casinos - who already own England a completely free hand - the deal that gave Toni -who now runs his own pro-globalisation website- the craved power while house price inflation exceeds 16% pa.?

45. Which global accountancy/law firm has no dependency/lackey/fee connection with the Swiss banks (We know it went out of business a long time ago) while they are smoothing/corrupting the way for total/global Swiss bank financed planet destruction/money-laundering/transfer-pricing/insider-dealing legalisation? Is this one of the reasons why Swiss bank sponsored Wharton University –where laws are concocted by lawyers for lawyers to keep the global law profession in splendour and wealth- avoid critical emails –fearing awakening….?

46. Why did the Swiss banks order that the fatal Swissair crash aircraft be left on the bottom of the ocean with a major haul of diamonds, Picassos, billions of cash, apart from 275 dead bodies? Was it because they did not fancy the international money-laundry questions that might be asked? And why had Swissair been forced to hand over its aircraft to the Swiss banks just ahead of going bankrupt to avoid the liability claims? And why are these aircraft now handed to the new “Swiss” airline that has been set up by the Swiss banks to bring in the laundry from all over the world?
47. Why would the Federal Reserve Banks of the USA license such Swiss racketeers/money-launderers/insiders/market-manipulators/fraudsters that pretend to be banks?

48. For centuries humans have been enslaved/raped/exploited by the land-owning feudal masters through bondage.

49. Hierarchical feudalism has been resurrected by the Swiss banks based on derivatives/options/warrants/futures/money-laundering/transfer-pricing/Insider scams etc. that the Swiss banks invented under the pretense of protecting their clients from the ravages of market manipulators/Boiler room crooks. Instead the Swiss banks have used these instruments of theft to defraud savers, pensioners, private banking clients, Institutions and Governments who are entrapped hostages to the pre-calculated global market manipulations that the Swiss bank Zuerich Treasury insiders/racketeers impose with criminal intent to enrich themselves on the global markets. It has made the Swiss banks the biggest global financial racketeering empires that ever ruled the world and Switzerland the world’s richest country; it’s wealth, statistically massaged to suit world opinion like all Swiss propaganda is hidden in secret, untraceable number accounts and letterbox companies. Officially average Swiss wealth is 250,000USD per capita (after deduction of all debts). That makes the Swiss a mere 1000 times more wealthy than the annual income and 250,000 times more wealthy on an asset basis of the average African. Swiss massaged income statistics show per capita Swiss income on a mere 45,000USD p.a. It’s the expense accounts that matter….and the annual millions that go straight into secret number accounts/letterbox companies….
50. Why would Switzerland without any natural resources, a country that chose to do mercenary military slaughtering for centuries for foreign powers, that sent its daughters abroad as scullery maids (now they’re handmaidens for the United Nations) and its sons as chimney sweeps (now they are money-launderers) be today the world’s richest nation with the lowest taxes in the world yet have the most sophisticated, meticulous infra-structure with more opulent Opera Houses, Theatres, Art Galleries (billions of tax-evasion dollars are laundered every year via Swiss art dealers), Museums, Music Festivals, Exhibitions, Jewellers, Furriers, Fashion boutiques etc. per capita of any nation in the world?

51. Who are the gnomes of Zuerich that nobody has ever seen, talked to or interviewed that are behind the Swiss banks and their scams?

52. Is it because the gnomes of Zuerich have found that well educated, knowledgeable people can be bought like candy and manipulated like puppets and if you paid them well enough they could become as crooked as the gnomes of Zuerich themselves assisting in re-creating a notorious, corrupt global Batista economy.

53. The Swiss banks have created and abused the globalised “free” market economy by systemically and systematically raping, enslaving and corrupting the dependency their rackets inflict on their victims; thereby re-creating a notorious, corrupt global racketeering nazi economy that must now be stopped: The Nazis ultimately failed in their attempt to rule the world; it’s outrageous that the International Community should let the Swiss Nazi bankers get away with it.
54. It’s time to break up the Swiss banks. Hand back the foreign subsidiaries and cartel associates to the countries from where they were purchased with the stolen money. Make secret number accounts illegal. Pay back the stolen savings and pensions. Distribute the laundered trillions to the poor in the Third world (not their leaders or it’ll go straight back to Zuerich). Bring the Swiss bank crime bosses and their crooked lawyers/legal departments to justice and restore a global financial system based on honesty instead of debt and theft. No bank or corporation must be allowed to be larger abroad than it is in its home country. All relevant Swiss Cartel corporations must be broken up accordingly.
55. Why should they be allowed to hire ever more foreigners and corrupt them to participate in defrauding the world. Why is FreddieMac financing American Mortgages with the money the Swiss banks have stolen/syphoned off US citizens via tax-evasion/money-laundering scams and their private banking extortion rackets?
56. All the world’s major Swiss bank financed/indebted crime/chain syndicates like the French Boulanger group, Casino/Al Campo group, Leroy Merlin group etc. that sell the mass-produced crap that falls to pieces/breaks down within six months (when clients are sent on a worldwide journey to find a licensed repair shop) treat customers like morons by the INSEAD/IMD/WHARTON accomplices’ indoctrinated staff robots as part of the global dog eats dog economic throat-wringing process that the political charlatans/OECD/Worldbank/IMF et al call the end of recession…beginning of recovery…..economic growth….
MASS-PRODUCTION (destroying small businesses) causing
AUTOMATION/ROBOTISATION (destroying craftsmanship/skills) causing
MARKET SATURATION (the recurring boom & bust cycle) causing
(to make the rich richer and the poor poorer) causing
(corrupting global society) causing
(corrupting global ethics) =
Stop it now before it is too late! Those sustaining/colluding/conniving/protecting the Swiss banks are directly participating in the global racketeering that destroys the global life support system, i.e. the planet Earth!

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