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by Truth Seeker Friday, Sep. 13, 2002 at 7:15 PM

Corporate greed trying to stop 11 year local music awards show

Press Release 9-12-2002

To: All Los Angeles Musicians & those who care about music

Important information regarding the Freedom of Music

NAARAP & The LA Music awards Co-Owner Bruce Wisner is suing his partner Al Bowman, seeking an injunction to stop this years 12th Annual LA Music Awards show. Wisner is also further suing Mario Magliari (owner of the Rainbow Bar & Grill, Whiskey-a-go-go and also named as the mayor of the sunset strip).

Wisner, A Colorado resident, came to town to build his organization NAARAP, (North American Academy of Recording Artists and Producers), an organization which claims
non-profit status by providing music scholarships for inner city kids. To date, no scholarships have been given, nor have any qualifications or applications been provided.

Al Bowman, founder of the LA Music Awards has been putting on the show annually for the last eleven years to honor local musicians. He was inspired by a 3 hour conversation he had on March 3, 1991 with legend of the Sunset Strip Bill Gazzarri. During the conversation, which occurred only 3 days before he died, Gazzarri bequeathed onto Bowman the title of “Godson of Rock-n-roll” then handed him his trademark white Fidora hat and gave him his blessing to go out and be the voice of independent music in Los Angeles. Some of those who have gone on to success following recognition from the LA Music Awards include Alien Ant Farm, Everclear, Zebra Head, Jennifer Paige, Save Ferris, Tia Texada and others. On November 21st 2000, the Mayor of Los Angeles declared the day to be LA Music Awards day. Angels on Earth Music For Healing Foundation will be honoring Al Bowman at their November 14th sixth annual awards banquet.

Wisner’s attempt, if successful, is to keep this year’s event from happening. This would be a crime against the LA Music scene! Why would someone who claims to be promoting music, do something like this to hurt music and all the artists involved. Something is wrong here…

Tomorrow, September 13, 2002 Al Bowman & the LA Music Awards go to court to determine whether or not this show will happen. If you are an independent musician in Los Angeles, then show your support. Send an email to:

Keep the Music Alive!!!