UPDATES on MAX and RAMPAGE'S arraignment

by rtf Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2002 at 11:18 PM


Hello everyone,

A good friend Jeff was arrested in the court room at Rampage's arraignment for speaking out to show support. After he was arrested me and another person were told to leave the courthouse otherwise we'd be arrested for trespassing. The deputy's also forced another person out who was in no way associated with us. Jeff is being charged with contempt of court and unlawful talking to inmates.. His arraignment is this thurs. I don't know the exact time so I'll be there at Fullerton court 8:30am to wait around and see.

As for rampage, he is being charged with 5 felony's. The charges are possession of an explosive, the use of an explosive, and I believe the rest are, possession of ingredients to make an explosive, intent to harm, and some warrants. Rampage requested that his arraignment be put off for another 3 weeks so legal preparation could be done on his behalf. The judge said okay but raised his bail from $50,000 up to $100,000. We will soon have a copy of the police report regarding rampage.

As for Max, I believe he is only being charged with possession of explosive. He has an attorney. He's a minor so he's under juvenal law which is an entirely different system.

For more information and/or questions/donations to the legal fund you can call the LB infoshop at 562-434-6934