Boston, May 5th: Take to the Streets!

by Festival del Pueblo GA Friday, Mar. 29, 2002 at 2:28 AM Festival del Pueblo, POB 73, Boston MA 02133

Take to the Streets!

... Because the cost of living in our neighborhoods continues to rise while our wages shrink.

... Because we are tired of greedy landlords raising our rents and driving us out of our homes

... Because we must stop police brutality and racial profiling

... Because we can no longer watch as our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, are sent off to prison for the crime of being born poor or the “wrong” color

... Because the fact that we are immigrants does not make us terrorists or mean that we do not have rights

... Because we want freedom for Colombia, Puerto Rico, and all of Latin America

... Because we refuse to waste our youth and old age in the indignity of dead-end jobs

... We Unite Our Voices To Better Our Lives!

On May 5th those of us who are sick and tired of being cold all winter, of living on too little food, too much work and too little pay; of being harassed for being of color; those of us who are tired of struggling just to survive will come together in Boston in a struggle to truly live! In this spirit, we come together for:

* Affordable Housing For All

* Universal Health Care For All

* Amnesty For All Immigrants

* the US Out of Latin America; Puerto Rican Independence; and an End to Plan Colombia

* An End to Police Brutality

* The Dismantlement of the Prison-Industrial Complex

* Women’s Reproductive Rights and An End to Sexism

* Sexual Liberation and An End to Homophobia and Transphobia

* A Sustainable Ecology; An End to the Poisoning Of Our Communities and the Earth

* Community Empowerment, Resistance, and Freedom

This demonstration and day of action will be an opportunity for all to express their anger at the conditions we are all forced to endure, using a diversity of tactics. However, in the interest of ensuring the widest possible participation and respecting the safety and wishes of others, the day will be organized in a manner that allows for each individual or group to choose their level of risk and specific tactics. We also encourage everyone to organize their own autonomous actions while in Boston. More information to come.

If you wish to endorse this demonstration and day of action, please contact Festival del Pueblo at:

Festival del Pueblo

POB 73

Boston, MA, 02133


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