Turkish Ambassador Feb 14, 2002 @ csulb

by Jeb Thursday, Feb. 14, 2002 at 11:50 PM

On Feb 14, 2002 at 6pm at CSULB at the University Library on the 5th floor the Turkish Ambassador will be speaking and taking questions. Turkey is responsible for massive genocide, human rights violations, and is the reciever of masive US arms shipments. Let the turkish ambassador you stand in solidarty with the oppressed people of his nation and support them in rising up in revolution!

Tomorow Feb 14, 2002 (thursday) at 6pm the Turkish Ambassador to the U.S. will be speaking at CSULB at the 5th floor of the university library. I hope that people will attend and speak up.

Turkey is one of the top human rights violators and top recievers of U.S. armaments in the world (these two seem to go hand in hand). Turkey is known for torturing prisoners and has come down harshly on the anti-globalization movement, radicals, communists, anarchists, socialists, and worked with the military/elite of its country to propgandize the masses into nationalism. It maintains a tention and a war footing with Greece to aid in there nationalist propganda and policy of uniting turkish foriegn policy with the interests of the upper class and military. Not to mention turkish policy against the Kurds killing tens of thousands and Turkeys refusal to admit it genocide of over a million Armenians in during and before the first world war.

Ever since Atta Turk , the nation of Turkey has been subjegted to military coups and a military which often tells the government what to do. The alleged President Bush and past U.S. Presidents continue to give military aid and economic support to corrupt militarist governments like Turkey (maybe because the US is one as well!). colombia, indonesia, isreal, etc, etc.

I hope people will attend this talk given by the Turkish ambassador and let him know that people in America stand in solidarty with the oppressed people of Turkey. I traveled to Turkey 2 years ago and I have first hand knowledge to the human rights situation in turkey and the government lies and propaganda - I hope lots of you will attend this !

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