Anthrax in Cocaine?

by H.A.G Thursday, Oct. 18, 2001 at 4:10 PM

Are Anthrax spores being mixed into drugs?

I heard from a contact in the American DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) that they are worried about a 25 kilo shipment of cocaine that was bought from their own undercover agents (who were posing as dealers) in Florida by three men who were described as "Middle Eastern or Arab looking."

The sale was part of a more elaborate "sting" type operation that didn't come off quite as planned -- and these characters apparently got away.

The DEA's big fear is that this drug shipment will be cut with the powdery anthrax we've heard so much about, and that people will actually become the agents of their own destruction by sniffing the spores into their own lungs while thinking all they were doing is snorting a line of drugs.

Has anyone else heard of this or anything like it? Because I do remember that Osama bin Laden once refered to using narcotic drugs as a weapon against western civilians -- although I think he was at the time just refering to flooding the market with cheap heroin.

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