The Cultural Media System of Intolerance and Discrimination

by Kenneth G. Dzaman Wednesday, Sep. 12, 2001 at 8:13 AM JUST-is as JUST-does + WITNESS SOCIETY OF SEATTLE. PO BOX 85503 SEA WA 98145-1503

JUSTICE: Crossing Boundaries of Threat, Racism, Intolerance, Discrimination, Fear, and Terror.

The Seattle Bridge Jumpers Untold Story is Untold

The Cultural Media System of Intolerance and Discrimination

I feel; - as tragic as Angela Song (the bridge jumper) now being lost in and drugged by "the system" - for her bridge jump; it is the "system" that put her there on the bridge. While everyone focus's on her name and other details, the fact she is a lobbyist for the Washington State Legislature and the real reasons she jumped; are purposely left out by the "system". Angela Song is "mentally ill" and incapable of making her own decisions, because that is the "system" Angela Song is in now. Why did she jump? What did she lobby for in Olympia? Does it have anything to do with James Elledge's execution the morning before? That is the "system" of the mentally ill; deny them a reality for their feelings and experience, and they may even kill themselves.

I have tried suicide (and should have died) because I did not like what humanity is and I did not want to be a human being. I felt this way because of the experiences I had in life that were not allowed a reality in my family or culture. I felt this way because of the way the people in Littleton Colorado treated me, and the way they treat life. I felt this way because of the personal experiences of injustice and trauma other people caused me in Littleton Colorado, and the reality of this experience was denied - causing a "mental illness" in me as the intolerance to my feelings and experience caused me to rage more and more. I finally moved before I blew up Littleton Colorado, and watched "others" do it fifteen years later, - other "mentally ill" people.

I feel that is the real tragedy in the reporting of Angela Song's bridge jump story; she is mentally ill and her feelings -or how she got them; does not matter. Angela Song is mentally ill and therefore not societies or culture's responsibility for how she feels, it is best she is drugged and "happy". - Someone give her a gold card - that will fix her ills.
Anything so she won't tie up traffic again.

That is the "real" tragedy in Angela Song's story, this culture will ignore her feelings or how they were created, and she will be drugged and taught to feel good, with Prozac and a gold card. This "system" of the "mentally ill" in the United States - is mostly a way to deny the terror, rage, extinction, pollution, execution, or other things the United States is creating. When someone does start to act on something they feel is intolerable, they are a protestor, or environmental terrorist, or activist, or lobbyist, or young and full of passion; whatever label it takes to ignore them and beat them up with an intolerance to feeling, and spit them out "mentally ill".

Cool, - what a system!

Sincerely, Kenn Dzaman

JUSTICE: Crossing Boundaries of Threat, Racism, Intolerance, Discrimination, Fear, and Terror.


I feel the Seattle Police Department has broken laws and it is being ignored; and I am wondering why?

On July 10th, 2001, the Seattle Police Department, - through the repetition of an internal error; negligently put Seattle residents and Seattle police officers in negligent danger; as the Seattle police department engaged in armed combat on Seattle streets - between the Seattle police departments North and East precincts; their cars, and their guns.

I feel the problem of innocent and mistaken people being killed by Seattle police officers is easy to see in the mistake the Seattle police department created between Seattle police officers from the North and East precincts trying to kill each other July 10th, 2001. What was the threat? How did the officers identify this threat? How was the threat created? Why can Seattle police officers "mistakenly" and "justifiably" try to kill Seattle police officers while citizens cannot? In uniform, on duty, or faking it, period; a "citizen" cannot try to kill a Seattle police officer. Why can a Seattle police officer? Seattle Police are allowed to mistakenly kill each other and "others"? JUSTIFIABLY? This is "absolute racism" in the Seattle criminal justice system, and cannot be tolerated if justice means anything in Seattle. This "justifiable" mistake the Seattle police department created, when three Seattle police officers tried to kill each other; is not.

The "mistake" the Seattle police department made was not in crashing their on duty police cars into each other, it was in Seattle police officers drawing their weapons and firing thirty three bullets at Seattle police officers and trying to kill Seattle police officers; because they were trying to recover a Seattle police car that had been stolen repeatedly, and this information had not been shared with the public or between Seattle police precincts. This "mistake" is not "justifiable" - and it should have been stopped the first time a car was known to be gone, and should not have been allowed to be repeated without informing the public, and all members of the Seattle police department.

The shootout between Seattle police officers on July 10th, 2001 was created out of Seattle police department negligence, and it needs to be sorted out in a court of law; not by a Seattle police department internal firearms review board.

I will be at the meeting September 20th, 2001 - at Mt. Zion Baptist Church to discuss these charges with interested parties.

Kenneth G. Dzaman

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Subject: Public Forum on KC Inquest Process

Please forward the widely. The inquest process is one we need to watch closely. Save the date:

September 20, 7-9 PM
Mt. Zion Baptist Church

King County
Civil Rights Commission
Bank of California Building
900 4th Avenue Suite 860
Seattle, WA 98164
(206) 296-8610
(206) 205-0725 FAX


DATE: September 7, 2001 CONTACT: Paula Harris-White, 206-296-8610


The King County Civil Rights Commission, The Seattle Human Rights Commission, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Mothers for Police Accountability, will host a community forum on King County inquest proceedings. The forum will be held at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Thursday, September 20, 2001, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

During the last year there have been a number of law enforcement-related deaths of community members in King County that have required inquest hearings. In the next few months there will be inquest hearings on the deaths of Aaron Roberts in Seattle and Nelson Martinez Mendez in Bellevue.
Many community members question the validity of the inquest proceedings as county inquest juries almost always find police shootings justified.

The purpose of this forum is to better educate King County residents about inquest proceedings and what they are designed to accomplish, as well as to highlight some proposed changes in the inquest procedures. As Kathleen
Taylor, Executive Director of the ACLU, noted, "Inquests should bring to bear our values of equal rights and due process for all." The sponsors of this forum plan to provide the community with the opportunity to learn more about inquests, as well as planned changes to the inquest proceedings, and to comment on those changes.

Confirmed presenters at the forum include Prof. David Boerner, Chair, Inquest Procedures Review Committee; Ted Spearman, private attorney; Mark Aoki-Fordham, ACLU; Rev. Harriett Walden, Mothers for Police Accountability; and Hubert Sims, Commissioner, King County Civil Rights Commission. King County Councilmember Larry Gossett will be facilitator.

For more information about this event or the King County Civil Rights Commission, please contact Commission Administrator, Paula Harris-White at 206-296-8610.

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