Americans Hate GM Food

by Red neck Thursday, Jun. 28, 2001 at 3:23 AM

In a poll Conducted by ABC 93% of Americans want food labeled for GM content Only 35% thought it was safe.

On what other issue can you get a 93 percent consensus? This is an emotional and health concern for people. It cuts across class, ideology, economic interest. No madder who you are, you want your food to be healthy, safe and natural. No one wants to be force fed Frankenfood. GM is dead in Europe and It would be dead in The U.S. if people had a choice. A suggestion, why don’t we have big demonstration against Genetically Altered Food and force the issue? The public is ready for it, the corporate press would have to work over time to marginalize us, with 93% of the public in agreement. Just think not only could we shut down a "growth industry", We could stop an ecological nightmare.

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