How Our Ancient Indigenous Ancestors of Mexico Viewed and Punished Lesbianism

by La Voz de Aztlan Monday, Apr. 30, 2001 at 4:13 PM
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Estimada Raza de Aztlan

La Voz de Aztlan recently published an article concerning the desecration of the image of La Virgen de Guadalupe by lesbian artists. We received a significant large number of letters. The large percentage of the letters supported our editorial but there where a few letters that were full of hate.

Some of the most hate filled letters came from people that claimed to be Mexicas or Aztecas. We believe that these people are fakes and phonies. They are "agent provocateurs" that actually work for our enemies. The letters used foul language and insulted "La Virgen" even further. Some of these letters started with "F___k La Virgen de Guadalupe" and other similar phrases. They generally said that "Tonatzin" was a lie. That it was an invention by the Catholic Spaniards to convert "los indios".

Another theme in the letters was that the Mexicas of ancient times looked upon lesbianism and homosexuality favorably and that La Voz de Aztlan should not criticize this lifestyle. We would like to dispel the notion that "Los Aztecas" viewed homosexuality with kindness.

The promotion of the homosexual lifestyle is in fact being promoted by our enemies in order to destroy our culture. These enemies have infiltrated many of our organizations and groups within our culture. They accomplish this through the granting of funds and through the brainwashing of susceptible youths. Their purpose is to weaken the social fiber of "La Cultura Mexicana."

The enemy is very resourceful and very intelligent. They take their time and create "political movements" that will serve their interests. One objective is to "emasculate" La Raza. One movement that was invented by our enemies was the so called "feminist movement". The enemy empowers lesbians to lead this one particular movement. One reason we as Mexicans are winning the demographic war in Aztlan is because "white feminists" have been able to emasculate their white men. We must not let this same thing happen to many of our youths who are in their development stage. Presently, the enemy has incarcerated many of our youths who exhibit normal heterosexual behaviors, on trumped-up charges, while at the same time they have purposedly recruited many "effeminate types" as students for the USA colleges and universities. This is the primary reason they have been able to take over Chicano Studies through the Lesbian and Joto Caucuses of the National Association of Chicano and Chicana Studies (NACCS).

In order to dispel the notion by some Mexicas that the Aztecs viewed homosexuality favorably, we are presenting the irrefutable scholarly work of DR. BERNARDA REZA RAMÍREZ of the "Universidad Abierta de Mexico". Her research is in the area of "legal theory" and specially on the legal concepts of our indigenous ancestors. She describes how the various indigenous groups in Mexico viewed "lesbianism" and "homosexuality" and how they "punished" their practices. In fact she says that our ancient cultures all viewed these deviations as "anti-social acts" and had "Draconian" measures to deal with them. Below is a summary of Dr. Ramirez' work. We have highlighted the punishments meted out for "incest", "lesbianism" and "homosexuality." The punishment for "homosexuality" was particularly cruel and depended on whether the punished was 'el sujeto activo" or "el sujeto pasivo". The actual research is at: