Police beating Laker Fans,

by kings fan Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2001 at 4:19 AM

Will Police try to stop los angelenos from celebrating the Lakers back to back nba titles? Now that they have seen many other party's or riots around the world Since last years victory?

I am prolly gonna get my head caved in for even mentioning this but, I say we need to organize a police brutality march again right after the police violate human rights AGAIN when the lakers win the championship AGAIN.

When people gathered on sunset to "celebrate" the laker win, cops quickly ushered in to cease any activity goin on.

Perhaps because, Sunset is near all the rich corporate greed monsters in beverly hills? The police, fearing an escalating situation moving towards million dollar homes.

I say we should gather at the beach or at LAX to celebrate a laker win. At the beach, the police would have to force us into the ocean to dispurse a crowd. At Lax the flights would have to be delayed and rerouted if we decided to party there. We can do what we want. Fuck the LAPD.

There is nothing like strength in numbers. Which we have.

This city is ready to explode!!

We had no outlet to demonstrate recently so a laker victory will do just fine. Besides, it was the lakers that started the revolution in the first place.

Sometimes the gangs can spoil it for everyone so watch out for them!!!!

I could care less if the lakers win but I want someone to organize something so that we can confront the LAPD.

I just bought a Helmet, a gas mask, a umpire's body armor.

And some spray paint.

I am ready to celebrate!!!!!!! And demonstrate!!!!

Fuck the piggies.

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