Recall Gil Garcetti

by Colin Lieberman Thursday, Aug. 17, 2000 at 10:47 PM Los Angeles

Notes on California Gil Garcetti's comments on ABC news.

ABC News brought in Gil Garcetti to give his opinion of the police beatings of protesters on Figuoera at 5pm today.

His "expert" opinion was that the police were simply "showing who was in charge" as if that was an acceptable form of communication.

As the camera shows a man in green legal team cap being battoned in the chest as he falls backwards over the barrier, Garcetti says "you can see that no one is getting hurt."

While the police are shown jabbing non violent people with battons, and corralling them into a police-defined area, Garcetti says "Its wonderful to see these young people excersising their first ammendment rights."

Mayor Howdy is speaking at the moment, and i don't expect much more of him.

If the man who holds the highest prosecutorial office in the state is so blind that he can't even tell when people are being injured or not, he has no business in that position.

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