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Abrégé de la connerie (tags)

Tout en apparition, tout en volatilisation...

Abrégé de la connerie (tags)

Petite ou grande connerie...

democracy- bullshit since day 1 (tags)

pride makes retarded assholes of us all

Why is LA Indymedia hiding so many posts? (tags)

Is "hiding" opposing viewpoints supposed to help the democratic process?! Hypocracy.

A Little Box of Bullshit (tags)

The spinners and the bullshitters have presented us with a very narrow box to fit inside. But through acting and thinking outside that box, we can liberate ourselves.

"Liberation is Hetero" (tags)

Total Liberation Tour = Total Bullshit Tour

Im sick and tired of HIPOCRISY here at IMC (tags)

This Newswire has fallen victim to the same censoring bullshit it protests against. The hypocrisy has become extreme.


No new cheesy American slogans. How come?

Who is going to crush the Kurds? (tags)

After just listening to the Bush speech on Monday evening, and his appeal to Iraqi Republican Guard units to give up without a fight, I am led to ask the question, 'Who is going to crush the Kurds of Iraq' after Saddam is gone from the scene, and the answer would appear to be the Republican Guard, if they should be turned by the Americans.

Storm the Media (tags)

I was thinking that maybe the media is very vulnerable to acts of civil disobedience. I was also thinking that major media is the most powerful weapon in the war against everyone.

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