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Video: After Words with Naomi Klein, 57 min (tags)

Trump follows the traditional rules of branding, not the traditional rules of politics. Absolute power through wealth is his principle or ideology. Cutting corporate taxes to 15% and ending the inheritance tax help the rich.

Interview with Naomi Klein (tags)

This is a crisis with spectacularly bad timing because it fell in our laps at the very moment that history was being declared over and liberals around the world were exporting this market fundamentalism. They’re telling us we can’t regulate just when we need to regulate and that we can’t invest in the public sphere just when we need to

Naomi Klein Breaks a Taboo (tags)

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, Klein’s much-anticipated new book, is both surprisingly hopeful and deeply personal as she deftly weaves in her story of struggling to conceive her first child while researching the potential collapse of the natural world.

On the Anti-Democratic Character of Neoliberalism (tags)

Privatization, deregulation and cuts in social spending is the trinity of the free market, Naomi Klein explains. The consciou8s production of unemployment is anti-democratic. The conscious worsening of income- and assets distribution is anti-democratic.

Join Us in a Discussion of Naomi Wolf's New Book "The End of America" (tags)

Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" and the policy of Disaster Capitalism (tags)

"Shock and Awe" is what the media and pentagon called the bombardment of Baghdad by U.S. forces at the start of the 2003 Persian Gulf War. We remember the horrible visuals well, just as we remember, in graphic detail, our own shock and awe event on September 11, 2001, when we were treated to the first in a series of psychological trauma for the new the "War on Terror" PR campaign. All of these horrible events were designed to turn us, and Iraqis, into pliable infants, willing to let our government do whatever they want in order to "protect us."

Naomi Klein in Venice (tags)

Naomi Klein Author of No Logo, and co-director of "The Take" with Avi Lewis speaking on: FREE IRAQ! From Killer Liberators and the Corporations They Serve

Peter Comejo, Ahmed Shawki and Naomi Klein on Third Party or Third Rail (tags)

Third Party or Third Rail

Rainbowstop Makes Authentic Peace Flags and Will Donate to (tags)

05-02-2004 Seattle, WA – to donate money to

La prueba del SIDA de Naomi Klein (tags)

Escribo apesadumbrado por el sorprendente despliegue de ingenuidad de la autora de No Logo en su reciente "La prueba del Sida de Bush", publicado por Rebelión el 16 de octubre.

BTL:U.S. Plan to Privatize Iraqi Industry May Signal New... (tags)

...'Bomb Before You Buy' Doctrine. Interview with Naomi Klein, author and columnist, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

protests and demonstrations post S11 - NAOMI KLEIN (tags)

NAOMI KLEIN writes in a recent issue of The Nation about how our approach to street activism may be different after S11. While we may still experience grief regarding the events, the material conditions that give rise to our dissent remain.

Naomi Klein: McWorld and jihad (tags)

Amid the many contenders for Biggest Political Opportunist since the September 11 atrocities, one voice stands out, says Naomi Klein.

No Logo: A Conversation with Naomi Klein (tags)

Naomi Klein is the author of No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies. I spoke briefly with Naomi in Los Angeles before a panel at the Shadow Convention entitled Money Culture. Among other things, in this interview, she talks about the growth of the anti-corporate movement, some of the themes from her book No Logo, as well as briefly taking on what connections need to be made in order that the coalitions coming together around these larger events can become something larger than the sum of their parts.

Naomi Klein Questions Direction of Movement (tags)

Naomi Klein, a powerful voice in the anti-globalization movement, maintains that the effort to produce the "Next Seattle" is counterproductive.

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