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VIDEO: Joseph Stiglitz on NOW, 11/20/2008 (tags)

Insight on the Economic Meltdown. Joseph Stiglitz talks about misplaced priorities in handling the economic meltdown and what we should do next. A culture of risk-taking was totally inappropriate.

6:00 pm No 8 Protest going on Now at mormon temple (tags)

Right to Marry demonstration is going on now at mormon temple in Westwood at overland & Santa Monica Blvd. Caller estimates 50 people there now.

Friday 5:40 pm ICE raids protest going on now (tags)

Protest going on now at downtown Fed. Bldg. About 40 people there now.

6:30 pm Protests Against More War Going on Now (tags)

6:30 pm Protests Against More War Going on Now

California Minutemen come to Campo (tags)

California Minutemen change gears, come to Campo early. James Chase supports fellow Minuteman Clifford Alford who infiltrated the ACLU.

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