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Subversion de la théorie (tags)

Subversion de la théorie...

L'échelle de Kardashev (tags)

Contre toute autorité...

Gabegie imbitable (tags)

Progrès de l'illusion, l'illusion du progrès...

Paraphysique du Big Rip anthropologique (tags)

L'unité de tous les niveaux d'organisation...

Subversion de la théorie (tags)

Subversion de la théorie, théorie de la subversion...

Politique de la poésie (tags)

Politique de la poésie, poésie de la politique...

L'échelle de Kardashev (tags)


Paraphysique du big rip anthropologique (tags)

Du big rip cosmologique au big rip anthropologique ...

Koran Burning versus Real Patriotism (tags)

Any fanatic can burn a book, or a flag, because it doesn’t require rational explanation. But anyone with the brain of a troglodyte could appreciate there is complexity to the reality of most religions and belief systems. Once again high-minded religion plays its hand in the human affairs of politics, as Jones also sees the trumped up Muslim Mosque controversy, to be built close to ground zero, as seriously provocation. But real patriotism includes having a willing to seek out the truth.


Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing yourself is Enlightenment

Carta al alcalde de Campóo de Enmedio (tags)

El fin de la utopía que proclamara Eric Fromm a finales de los 60 tiene posibilidad de afirmarse en la actualidad con el testimonio de las experiencias de otro mundo posible, cuya dispersión no permite desactivar la exclusión de lo “científicamente correcto”. La “Carta al alcalde de Campóo de En medio” trata de mostrar que el gran potencial de este municipio para corregir los desajustes del mismo puede y debe activarse, porque este proceso es una alternativa para corregir unas patologías crónicas, que podrían agravarse aún más con el impacto de la nueva autovía Madrid/Santander

John Trudell and an artist discuss the perpetual war mentality (tags)

Everybody is trying to find a way out from the mess they're in and they're using dark age intellectualizations and remaining confined in these concepts that have been imposed upon us from day one. Our spirits, the part of us that gifted us excellent medicine to deal with our lives here, has been systematically mined by a severely alienated perpetual war mentality. Join Trudell and i in a kind of conversation that you are invited to participate in.

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