by RP Thursday, Oct. 04, 2018 at 6:42 PM

As the senate vote on Brett Kavanaugh loomed, vigils took place all over the country (including Alaska and Hawaii). Several occurred in Southern California, including Santa Monica, Burbank, Sierra Madre, Claremont, Corona, Riverside, Whittier, downtown LA, Larchmont Village, and Echo Park.

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In response to a call by Move-On, community vigils were held all over the country. At Echo Park Lake, 58 people were counted by nightfall standing on the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Park Avenue facing rush-hour traffic.

While there was plenty of positive response from passersby, one participant expressed concern over the people who didn’t understand the issues. One holding a sign referencing Devil’s Triangle (pictured above) reported that many people didn’t recognize that term or even know what the demonstration was about.

Various chants were shouted, the most common being “Kava-no!!!” Most participants were women; but there were plenty of men, too; and children, some toddlers but also elementary school-age, some of whom were quite active and sometimes instigated chants.

This corner of the Park now has about a dozen homeless tents, something this author had not noticed before. The camps seem to be appearing all over.

Reports on vigils in the Bay Area (including Palo Alto and San Francisco): https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2018/10/02/18817966.php

Original: “Kava-no!!!”