Texas Can Call it An Execution,But It is A State Sponsored Murder of Hank Skinner..

by Bruschette Burke Thursday, Jul. 12, 2018 at 1:48 AM

Pope Francis,please send over healers from the Catholic church with discernment ability to get this poor man Greg Abbott a deliverance from his demons, before they murder Hank Skinner..

We Pray Pope Francis Follows Pope John Paul in Preventing The Texas Murder of Hank Skinner..

When Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's Demons first attempted to execute~murder Hank Skinnner without DNA testing, everyone remembers Pope John Paul speaking out publicly against it.The U.S. Supreme Court obviously listened to Pope John Paul's reasoning, and stopped the execution~murder.

Currently Pope Francis, Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Demons are again attempting to execute~murder Hank Skinner,only this time,after they made sure to destroy the mans most crucial DNA exoneration evidence that was in the possession of Texas law enforcement from the beginning of the legal case 20+ years ago.

We pray Pope Francis will join Pope John Paul in also speaking out publicly against Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Demons attempting to again execute~murder this persecuted innocent little American, Hank Skinner..

**Please also remember Pope Francis, that the only witness to testify against Mr Skinner,has gone public on the record stating how the police intimidated her to perjure her court testimony against Hank Skinner,or lose her children by going to jail herself.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says that he's 'more powerful than Putin' at state convention https://www.star-telegram.com/news/state/texas/article212904869.html

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Original: Texas Can Call it An Execution,But It is A State Sponsored Murder of Hank Skinner..