Bioeconomical resilience

by Jean-Franois Jaudon Monday, May. 14, 2018 at 1:27 PM

Bioeconomical resilience

The bioeconomical resilience of a country, concept worked out by Jean-François Jaudon, is his capacity to be reacted from the ecological and economical problems . This concept constitutes a new grid of reading of the development. It is measured by an index.

This one is based on the combination of the ethics in the economic affairs and the pressure exerted by the economy on the biosphere, considered as a world public property:

air quality the biodiversity The economical resilience integrates the fact that the sustainable development of a country has as conditions first:

the rescue of the environment the fight against corruption


Bioeconomical resilience is the capacity of sustainable development of a country by combining two factors, the ecological print and the fight against corruption.

Method for calculation of the Transparency International index carried out an evaluation of corruption and allotted an index IPC (Index of Perception of Corruption) according to various criteria.

This evaluation led to the development of a hierarchisation per country.

Total Footprint Network established a calculation of the ecological print per capita for each country. The ecological print was the object of a ranking by country also.

The rank of the ecological footprint(from the smallest to the biggest) added to rank of perception of corruption give us th rank of bioeconomical resilience.

History and origin of the concept the GNP/GDP is a too restrictive concept in the direction where she takes account only of the material wealth of a country. However from the rich countries materially pollution and problems of greenhouse effect generate. This index is thus partial.

Corruption is a phenomenon which slows down the development of the underdeveloped countries. ONG Transparency International established a scale of value concerning the evaluation of the levels of corruption in the countries.

The measurement of pollution is carried out as for it by the means of the ecological print.

From where the creation of this new index, the Index of bioeconomic Impact strength worked out by Jean-François Jaudon. This index is an indicator qualifying the sustainable development of a country. It is called also index of sustainable development.

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