Worker-Owned Car Wash on Vermont Closed

by RP Friday, Apr. 27, 2018 at 5:37 AM

Apparently it only lasted about a year.

Early last year, the worker-owned Vermont Gage Car Wash in L.A. had its grand opening (Facebook announcement: Today, April 26, 2018, I went there, wanting to patronize it, but it was closed. I was told some of the workers were now at another place a few doors away. However, I learned that this other business isn't worker-owned/run. (I still got a good car wash, it just wasn't from a worker's co-op.)

Despite the soul-destroying gentrification, San Francisco still has a few worker-owned/run businesses (e.g., Rainbow supermarket and Adobe Books), but as far as I know, Los Angeles has none now.

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