EPA Head Scott Pruitt: Of Cages And Sirens

by Earth Rights Friday, Apr. 06, 2018 at 2:15 PM

Scott Pruitt used a drug in an Oklahoma execution knowing it was banned. He sued California and tried to make chickens' factory farm cages smaller. He has made our water poisonous and our air dirty.

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MSNBC reported that Scott Pruitt was the choice

of Carl Icahn to head the EPA. Icahn owns oil refineries.

1. As attorney general of Oklahoma Scott Pruitt

worked to execute prisoners.

2. According to reports, Pruitt was responsible for

selecting a drug for execution which he knew had been banned

elsewhere. The victim prisoner suffered for 45 minutes.

3. As AG of Oklahoma he was party to a lawsuit

challenging the right of Californians to require

bigger cages for factory farmed birds.

4. He has worked several years in Oklahoma and now in DC

to allow more dangerous carcinogenic insecticides

which had been banned He met with Dow Chemical and

then decided not to ban the lethal chlorpyrifos.

5. He has worked to make our air dirtier

6. He has worked to make our water more toxic.

7. Pruitt worked to poison fishes and those who eat them.

8. His petition to allow his car to go through DC traffic

with sirens and lights has been turned down. The aide

who said it was not a good idea has been reassigned.

9. For some time until the media spotlight

he lived ina DC condo at 1/4 of the average

monthly rent of Capitol Hill as a gift of 2 Washington

lobbyists, one with business before the EPA.

10. He has worked as has Ryan

Zinke to remove protections for the nation's forests.

11. He spent ,000 to soundproof his office and more money to

provide a bulletproof desk for his receptionist.

12. He spent ,000 of taxpayer money on a trip to Morocco to

lobby for the liquid gas businessof his landlord lobbyist. That

would have been Wilbur Ross' job as Secretary of Commerce.

13. He has flown 1st class instead of coach. Coach is the rule

for government employees.

14. He bypassed the White House in giving over ,000 in raises

to 2 of his Oklahoma staffers.

15. He has worked to eradicate climate change data from EPA


16. Pruitt acted to harm the animal protection work of the dedicated people


17. While Christine Todd Whitman, a former EPA head, had 2 in

her security team, taxpayers are paying for 30 in Pruitt's.

They went with him to Disneyland.

18. Pruitt worked to remove the states' abilities to limit the waste dumped into the watershed from factory farms.

A Flint Michigan man was quoted as saying that Pruitt doesn't care how much

lead poisoned water his children drink.

Cruelly Botched Executions


Pruitt worked to put chickens into even smaller cages


Pruitt worked to poison fishes and those who eat them.


Pruitt met with Dow Chemical and then decided not to ban their lethal

insecticide chlorpyrifos



Pruitt worked to harm HSUS


More factory farm manure in our watershed, thanks to Pruitt


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