People in Uproar in West Virginia-US Public lands Hearings 2017

by Paul Hays Sunday, Dec. 03, 2017 at 10:42 AM

Hearins are being held in populated parts of West Virginia as well as Virginia about acess to and ownership and profits from "public lands" There is an intense amount of natural gas fracking

pipeline laying and other debates concentrated on lands owned by the taxpayer and wanted by huge corporate entities in north eastern states north of Maryland. The radicals are outnumbering the pro corporate folk by about 210 to 30 according to counts by Christians for the Mountains a non fundalemtalist group that is involved with 1750 members and is open to people who live in the rich state.AS coal mining has fell natural gas fracking has picked up and pipelines from West Virginia into south Virgia has been laid thru nationak forest towards rich export zones near hampton-Norfolk-Newport News on the NC border.


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