Report Back on November 18th Counter Demonstration Against Anti-Muslim March

by Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement IE Monday, Nov. 20, 2017 at 10:57 AM

Community counters anti-Muslim march in San Bernardino

Report Back on Novem...
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On November 18th, the counter-demonstrations showed up a couple of hours before the scheduled anti-Muslim march. Counter-demonstrators were full of energy and ready to take on the Nazis if they were to show up. The islamophobes started to arrive at their planned location at around 11:00am. Soon after, about four of them attempted to cross over to the counter-demonstration’s corner, but antifascist were able to push them back. The numbers for the islamophobes peaked at about 25, while the numbers on the counter-demonstration’s side stayed at about 40-50. As the protest went on, the anti-muslim crowd stated to get frustrated at their loss. A few of them decided to visit the counter-demonstration corner once again, but were quickly pushed back by the antifascists. During the protest the islamophobes were fairly quiet and only occasionally were we able to hear their weak chants about their unconditional love for the USA and their hate for Muslims. Overall, however, the counter-demonstration’s chants were much louder and were drowning them out. From now on, let us all pledge to bravely and proudly stand up against hate and bigotry whenever they set foot in our community.