National US Gov as wellas EPA slow to act on Abandoned uranium Mines Cleanup in Southwest

by Friend of leonard Peltier Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017 at 10:50 AM

There are over 300 abandoned uranium mines in a handful of US states the majority in the Southwest USA.This flagrant violation has been investigated by the national government with its EPA but only 9 have been cleaned up according to coverage on NPR. 1 reason according to NPR is who the EPA approaches forconsulta

Maby of the nuclear weapons and also nuclear power plants have uranium from these lands including poorly led poorly funded and under covered tribal reservations in New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. The use of uraium leaves a deadly stain in Hanford WA, Rocky Flats CO and Savannah River Plant on the SC GA borders.
Native nations are leaving with and dying from tailings a type of earthy residue related to the mining industry Entire generations of residents, miners and even communities have been involved in this.