Los Angeles Braves Extended Downpour to Tell Trump Hell No

by Robert Stuart Lowden Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 at 11:04 AM

Angelenos show up in a long rain to give warning to the new President to keep his hands off of California and her inhabitants.

 Los Angeles Braves ...
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The heavy rain started in downtown los angeles on inauguration morning at about 3 am and did not let up until that afternoon. A series of marches had been planned to meet on Broadway and Olympic at 11 am and proceed to City Hall. At the starting time Donald trump had already been president for two hours. The skys had generously opened at long last relieving us of some our drought burdens but the buckets seemed to be drowning the possibility of any kind of visceral response from los Angeles to the now sworn in president on his inauguration day. Would people come out in this weather ? At 11:30 the rain was pounding and there were perhaps 50 protesters with umbrellas and trash bag rain coats who were bravely facing the wet waiting for others, Signs were falling apart and children were getting drenched. It was a miserable scene but people were smiling and happy. Perhaps it was because coming together does ease the pain and lower the frustration that many feel from the election.

At noon, the crowd suddenly swelled when a large phalanx of marchers that had started at Olympic and Figueroa entered the intersection. The rain began to pour harder as though on cue and people began to shout and chant and walk determinedly into the swell down Broadway. The crowd radically increased to the probable number of several thousand by the time it reached 5th street.. . The built up anger and disbelief of the participants seemed to be brought out by the weather. These citizens had found the energy to simply show up in this storm with no hope of changing the days immediate outcome. They were there to congregate and testify in that sacred American way. And besides rain means something special to Californians now days; after years of drought we deeply appreciate it.

These photos are of those moments when the rain was soaking these enraged marchers to the skin between Broadway and Olympic and Broadway and 5th on inauguration day for the 45th president of the United States. Donald R Trump.

Robert Stuart Lowden

Los Angeles

January 20th 2017

Original: Los Angeles Braves Extended Downpour to Tell Trump Hell No