This Megaupload Post Isn't Illegal Yet

by nobody Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012 at 2:16 AM

Megaupload got knocked out, but a mirror has appeared.

"Megaupload is now on a server that has no domain name but has the

address According to the website, the Megaupload's new server is based in the

Netherlands. Overnight supporters for the site hosted the remnants of

Megaupload at indicating that content was being

hosted in Belize."

So this begs the question - if SOPA was in effect, would this post be illegal?

And if this post were illegal, could the DNS for this site be altered and the site "taken down"?

And further, if alternative DNS servers that have not blocked this DNS record appeared, and ISPs started to use these, would that be considered aiding in piracy?

This is why SOPA is bad legislation. It's poorly conceived, and technically ham-handed.

Original: This Megaupload Post Isn't Illegal Yet