by Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro Friday, Jan. 13, 2012 at 1:33 PM

AL CAPONE is the Founding Father of American foreign policy.

Outside American territory the USA President has used only three strategies:

- Bribes to impose American interests where it want;

- Threats against those who do not accept to bow to USA interests;

- Merciless war against those who do not accept bribes and can not be threatened.

In foreign policy all American presidents have only one mentor: AL CAPONE. The gangster model applies very well to American foreign policy.

Mafiosi have faithful gunmen, but also hire mercenaries like the USA in Afghanistan.

Mafiosi have two accounts, one to keep a clean face, another for dirty operations exactly like the USA after the Vietnam War when the CIA began funding operations with money from drug trafficking.

Mafiosi do not respect laws they make its own laws by force. USA does not hesitate to start wars, even if you have to resort to lies (Iraq). The USA government is executing enemies (Bin Laden) and torture prisoners (at Guantanamo). Now USA does not respect International Law now even if has negotiated it.

Mafiosi like propaganda a lot, but most important propaganda that they do is "bloody" and to gain credibility. And the USA has done this consistently since 1970.

The USA is a Mafiosi State run by a disciple of Al Capone. This perfectly explains the behavior of American soldiers as

Fbio de Oliveira Ribeiro