BREAKING: Occupy LA holding plaza Lawn at BofA

by LA-IMC Friday, Nov. 18, 2011 at 3:16 PM

3:15 pm - Caller from the scene estimates 25 tents set up on the lawn. Well over 150 holding the lawn, with close 200 in the plaza area.

Police still encircle the plaza with only one small police controlled exit.

LA-IMC reporter at the scene reports the following:

- two arrests early in the day at start of the march, charges unknown

- 23 arrests at street sit-in (this is from the union action reported earlier)

- 3 more arrests at incident on Broadway, situation there was very tense for a while, marchers were penned in, but let go after short stand off.

- OLA marchers then reconnected with main march

- OLA set up tents on BofA lawn and police surrounded them.

- Currently there is a stand off as a debate over public access to the space continues. The park space is on so called privately owned land claimed by Brookfield, the same corporation that claims ownership of Zuccotti Park in New York CIty

- OLA campers say this occupation of the bank plaza is the next logical step in their campaign to end corporate lawlessness and government corruption.