by Fábio de IOliveira Ribeiro Sunday, Aug. 01, 2010 at 11:06 AM

he Americans live in a state to the soldiers' service.

One of the most evident things of the American culture is the cult to the military heroism. The praise of the military ones is made in the journalistic programs, in the entertainment programs, in the films, in the magazines, in the websites, 24 hours a day everyday day of the year.

I only respect three soldier types:

a) the deserter;

b) the insubordinate that it faces their commanders;

c) the traitor that it destroys his military equipment before the combat.

The other soldiers, for me, only deserve three things: despise, wound and death without honor.

My vision is compatible with the History of Brazil.

The Brazilian Army (that was born of colonial army whose mission was to combat Indians to liberate lands for the settlers and to supply slaves for the work in the farms) it dropped the Brazilian Emperor in 1889. The Brazilian Army liquidated the first Brazilian Republic in 1930, it installed a Fascist State in 1937, it dropped the Fascist Dictator in 1945 and, urged by the fucking CIA, broke the legality again in 1964 (this for not speaking of the military rebellions that they were suffocated in the years 1920 and 1930). The Brazilian Army combatted in a ferocious way all of the Brazilian popular movements that they intended to have some autonomy in relation to the established power (Sabinada, Balaiada, Cabanagem, Farroupilha, Cangaço, Canudos, Coluna Prestes and the Syndicalism before and after 1964).

The fucking soldiers always interfered in the Brazilian political life. They have been the largest source of our problems and the efficient reason of our political, economical and cultural mediocrity.

For me the real problem of the USA is that the Americans still believe in the soldiers' heroism and they don't get to see that the soldiers are the true problem of the country. They are the American soldiers that practice the brutalities in the wars that foment the terrorism in USA, they are them that use the public resources that should be used in the health and in the education. They are the American soldiers that transformed the USA in the country more hated in the planet, in the empire that unfortunately will be destroyed as all the other empires of the antiquity.

Anywhere in any time the soldier is and it will always be an instrument of the barbarism. The more a people praise their soldiers, more him if it turns uncivilized, brutal and inhuman. In that sense we can say that now doesn't exist more brutal and uncivilized people that the Americans. While they sustain and they praise their soldiers exaggeratedly the Americans will be the true modern barbarians.