USA recruits young to do the ciberwar

by Baquía Thursday, Apr. 15, 2010 at 8:28 AM

USA war company.

The soldiers of the century 21 (at least a part of them) they won't leave the military academies, but of the computer science universities. They won't stand out for his aim or their survival qualities, but for dominating the techniques to infiltrate in the enemy's computerized systems, or to avoid their attacks.

The ciberwar is not any science fiction script, but a reality to the one which more and more states dedicate resources. Because she can combat of many forms the enemy and in the addicted societies in technology nowadays one in the most contusing attack ways can be against their computerized systems

In the United States, so much companies deprived as the government recruit specialists more and more in cibersafety. An example: last week, it was celebrated in California a seminar sponsored by companies as Boeing, Dust and Intel, destined to discover the best talents in cibersafety among young computer science students.

As it explains to Alan Greenberg, director of technology of Boeing, in the next three years is made calculations that, among the public and private section, in the United States they will be necessary to negotiate up to 60 thousand specialists in safety computer science.

The collaboration between both the sections are fundamental to guarantee the safety national computer science, since 85% of the critical infrastructures of the country (electric provisioning, nets of telecommunications, bank systems etc.) they are in hands of private companies.

The problem is that the government has difficulties to find an enough number of qualified professionals to occupy the necessary workstations. The federal authorities are only satisfied with 40% of the received curricula, in agreement with a report of Booz Allen Hamilton.

Therefore, the government collaborates with companies and universities in the whole country to locate the most talented youths. After a series of local competitions, as mentioned her above, in the neighbor April 16 will be celebrated in Saint Antonio to final national, with the patronage of Microsoft, McAfee and Accenture.

For his time, the government organizes "U.S parallel. Cyber Challenge", with the objective of recruiting 10 thousand specialist youths in safety computer science, a new category of employees, with a great future to their feet, because they will have a minimum wage of US$ 100 thousand a year and work won't lack them.

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