hHe's Back: Israeli Terrorist Mass Murderer And Businessman Dominik Suter Applies

by brian Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008 at 4:52 PM

Dominik Suter, the mysterious figure behind the 9-11 dancing Israelis...is back

Dominik Suter, the mysterious figure behind the 9-11 dancing Israelis...is back

Israeli Businessman and 9/11 mass murderer Dominick Suter is back in the good old USA, and this time he's trying his murderous hand in the garbage business. Some may recall that Suter abandoned his previous business in the U.S., Urban Movers, when he had to skedaddle back to Israel in order to avoid arrest after five of his employees were picked up on 9/11 by the police. Three of them were seen in Liberty Park earlier that day celebrating with a video camera in hand waiting for the first of two hijacked jetliners to strike the towers across the river. It seems he and his employees were also employed by Mossad monitoring the future hijackers in the year before their murderous enterprise (We all know how industrious these people are). Mr. Suter's new business, Urban Refuse will be located in Washington D.C..

In a telephone conversation Mr. Suter told LWB Business News that the environment for Mossad operations in the U.S. has never been better with Rahm Emanuel soon to be in the White House. He further boasted, thanks to several New York Congressmen he has already secured contracts to remove refuse from the White House, Pentagon, Department of Justice and FBI, CIA, and the Capital Building (They apparently have enough information on the Drug Enforcement Agency). Suter also confided that he has learned from his past mistakes and this time will hire Israeli history students in stead of art students. Those art students were just too God damned stupid, Suter offered.

Suter was also impressed with America's new business friendly environment. He was granted a new $2,000,000 SBA loan with no questions asked. Who says credit is tight in America?, Suter questioned. They didn't even ask me about the last half million dollar SBA loan I skated on with Urban movers before I disappeared. American taxpayers are happy to pick up the tab, they love Israel. Suter also stated he was granted a land fill permit instantly when he informed New York City officials the site of the land fill would be the current United Nations building. It is a bit of a drive Suter said but it will be worth it. Those bastards won't be condemning any more human rights violations in Palestine in the near future, cackled Suter. AIPAC we have learned has also just introduced legislation offering special tax credits for the hiring of Israeli history students. We're ready to roll Suter said.