Laguna Beach police allegedly asked Joe Turner if he posts on Stormfront

by Duane J. Roberts Sunday, Jul. 31, 2005 at 11:13 AM

According to a message posted on the "Save Our State" website, Joe Turner apparently got incredibly angry when Laguna Beach police officer Andy Peck allegedly asked him at last Saturday's anti-day laborer center demonstration what "username" he used on the Stormfront White Nationalist Community website, a nationwide bulletin board service on the internet run by an ex-Ku Klux Klan leader. But what are the Laguna Beach police supposed to think when Turner shows up at a protest in their city and suddenly decides to spend some quality time hanging out with Robert Floyd (aka, "Baldy"), an avowed "white nationalist" who was tackled to the ground a couple weeks earlier for allegedly trying to assault Naui Huitzilopochtli, a counterdemonstrator, at a previous demo?

Laguna Beach police ...
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Let's see, of all of the places that Turner could have hung out at the protest on Saturday, July 30th, he just happens to squarely position himself right next to "Baldy"? What a remarkable coincidence, isn't it? Maybe if he and Don Silva stopped flirting with all the National Vanguard members, neo-Nazi skinheads, and white supremacists that show up to their demos, the police wouldn't be asking such questions. This is not to say that I think its a good thing for the police to be questioning people about their political beliefs. I don't. But I suspect some law enforcement agencies are becoming curious as to why Turner's demos in particular are increasingly attracting these kinds of "white nationalists."

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SaveOurState Posted on: Jul 31 2005, 11:39 AM

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You got there at the very end and while I dont care to make juvenile name calling and jokes about the officers, they did a piss poor job.

Officer Peck came up to me at one point during the middle of the rally and asked what my name was. I said, Joseph. He said, no on the messageboard. I said, "SaveOurState."

Then he said, "And what is your username on Stormfront?"

I told him, "I dont post on stormfront and I dont fucking appreciate your accusation." He then said that he wasnt accusing me, but asking a question. I told him that he was making a presumptive statement and told him very curtly that I took great offense at his suggestion/presumption.

There was already friction between our side and the cops, anyway.

There is a litany of other aspects I could discuss, but they are definitely biased against Save Our State and I do not level that charge nonchalantly. It is time to recognize the simple fact that in many instances, police departments are simply not going to fairly enforce the laws, selectively enforce the laws and treat us as an organization unfairly.

The sad truth is that since we are comprised of average law abiding Americans, cops feel more confident and capable of being firm and obstinate with us as opposed to the goons on the other side. We have seen this repeatedly.

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