Panamanian Abducted in LA by Police, Missing

by Floyd Britton Friday, Feb. 18, 2005 at 6:35 AM

Panamanian American arrested in LA on January 7.

US holding alleged Panamanian terrorist

Using the word terrorist to describe a person arrested and held incommunicado by the US government pursuant to the Patriot Act or other Bush administration policies would in most cases be unfair --- the great majority of such persons seized have not been shown to be in any way connected with terrorist activities. Nevertheless, detentions in which non-US citizens are held incommunicado from their families and without access to lawyers continue. One of the thousands of terrorist detainees is Luis Antonio Jimnez Clement, a Panamanian citizen residing in Los Angeles, California and owner of the Internet website Hes the son of La Prensa cartoonist Alfredo Wilfi Jimnez. On January 7 police showed up at the younger Jimnezs home in LA, saying that they wanted to talk to him about a kidnapping case. Later a large force from the FBI and several other agencies descended on the home and took Luis Antonio Jimnez prisoner on unspecified suspicions of terrorism. According to La Prensa, the FBI cited things published by the website and letters to the Washington Post and The New York times criticizing George W. Bush to support the allegation --- which has apparently not been made in any court --- that Jimnez is a terrorist. The website has been shut down in the wake of the arrest and nothing sent to either of the newspapers mentioned has been produced. Panamas Ministry of Foreign Relations says that it is making inquiries of the US government on the Jimnez familys behalf.