Bush Wins Debate

by Eric Matteson Monday, Oct. 11, 2004 at 1:02 AM

George Bush Wins October 8th debate

On October 8th, 2004 the one important debate question was asked
by Daniel ....
DANIEL is asking President Bush ...
Mr. President, scince we continue to police the world,
how do you intend to maintain our military presence without
reinstituting a draft ????
Then Bush said ..
Yeah, great question. Thanks.
I hear theres rumors on the Internets
that were going to have a draft. Were not
going to have a draft, period. The
All Volunteer Army works. It works particularly
when we pay our troops well, it works when we make sure
theyve got housing, like we have done in the last
military budgets. An All volunteer army is best suited
to fight the new wars of the 21st century, which is to be
specialized and to find these people as they hide arround
the world. We dont need mass armies anymore ...
Forget all this talk about a draft.
Were not going to have a draft so long
as Im the president.
With this one answer, President George Bush won the debate on
October 8th 2004 and is officially eligible for victory in the
November 2,2004 election. Please remember to vote.
He mentioned Internets.
On one of the Internets there is an article in which
There is an example of a young boy
who could not claim an individual conscientious objector exemption
from the draft because that would cause the drafting and hurting
and killing of another American boy to replace him
in total violation of conscientious objector ethics

John Kerry is currently in third place behind both President
George Bush and Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik.
Michael Badnarik also opposes the U.S. military draft.
If John Kerry wants to continue to run for president he needs to
prove that he is against resuming the military draft by using
his current postion as U.S. senator to introduce a bill into the
U.S. senate to shut down the U.S. selective service website and
terminate all selective service registration activities and
completely abolish the entire selective service system. Only then
can we be sure that Senator John Kerry is not already planning
on reinstating the U.S. military draft.
After getting rid of selective service registration Senator John
Kerry can help the economy by requiring government agencies
such as NASA and the military and their subcontractors to do all
of their computer programming work inside the United States
instead of outsourcing skilled computer programming jobs.
It is unfair for students to spend time and effort in college
and then find out after graduating that their skilled
computer programming job has been outsourced. During the debate
John Kerry admitted that he had no plan to reduce outsourcing.
The one candidate who advocates advanced math classes and
has expressed support for higher education in speeches
is George Bush.
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