June 12: Naked Bike Ride O.K. For the World, But Not L. A.?

by Carolina Thursday, Jun. 10, 2004 at 1:25 AM

World Naked Bike http://WorldNakedBikeRide.Org/, a ecological and freedom of expression event held annually around the globe has, according to world organizers, been virtually arrest-free in places as far-flung as London, Portland, Oregon and New Zeland. But Los Angeles and Santa Monica police apparantly are intent on making pre-emptive arrests this Saturday, according to local organizers.

Los Angeles Organizer of the World Naked Bike Ride, Vinyasi, wrote to others on his list serve Monday June 7:

" I spoke with Lt. Al Vinagus(sp?) today [310-458-8462] of the (Santa Monica branch?) police department...

"[The southern boundary to the Santa Monica jurisdiction begins midway through our ride inbetween the Venice and Santa Monica piers at Rose Ave.]

"I am waiting for him to call back after he talks to the Venice department and his superior. He is considering his wish to have police stationed out there at our ride starting point to make arrests, citations, etc., before we begin. There is no likelihood of a mere warning on event day at this point. It's the full monty (as he desires). Nor will changing our ride time to midnight effect his/their responses as far as he is concerned. Nor would altering our course to occur in the Santa Monica mountains improve matters for us, unless it were out in the middle of the ocean and far away from coastal view: "That's not our" [the police's] "jurisdiction" and he "finds nothing wrong with it". Paddle boards, anyone?

"He wanted a definite "yes" from me, but I tell everyone and anyone who asks: "It is up to each rider to decide for himself. I can only advise." So, he didn't get the satisfaction that he had probably been hoping for. I guess he wanted me to lead my group to his advice and concerns --- and reassure him so, but that is not my domain. I just coordinate. I don't lead where it is not my business to do so, and this is not (one) for me to decide.

"He was not hostile or overly aggressive in his tone, but concerned lest we might be ignorant of law and he was fully motivated to pursue it.

Vinyasi "

In a later e-mail, Vinyasi reported police are being cooperative in London, and in New Zeland [where it's late fall and temperatures could be in the 40's or lower] the cops even will provide an escort.

Apparently, nudity on bikes is just too much for Southern California's public to see.

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