NION's Statement Regarding Saddam Hussein

by 1Planet1People Saturday, Dec. 20, 2003 at 11:23 AM

Not In Our Name is an Anti-War group nation wide. Our LA chapter just released this statement in regards to the capture of Saddam Hussein.

The Bush administration, along with the corporate
media, has heralded the recent capture of Saddam
Hussein as a great victory. They will use this capture
as an attempt to further legitimize their occupation
and to silence all criticism and opposition. However,
one thing is unquestionably clear, the illegal
occupation of Iraq continues.

The “new developement in the “war on terrorism does
not change the fact that this war is immoral, unjust,
and illegitimate. It does not change the violations of
international law, the lies used to justify the
war----like finding weapons of mass destruction or
“liberating the Iraqi people----or the tens of
thousands of Iraqi lives stolen, or the hundreds of
U.S. lives lost. This will not end the Iraqi
resistance, as the administration might have hoped,
only a withdrawal of troops and an end to the
occupation will do that.

As they talk about finally seeking justice for the
Iraqi people by putting Saddam on trial, they will
conveniently leave out any mention of the crimes done
to the Iraqi people by the United States. It was the
U.S. who supplied the dictator with the very weapons
he used against his people. It was the U.S. led
sanctions that killed over a half a million Iraqi
children since 1990. Who will put the U.S. government
on trials for war crimes?

The capture of Saddam Hussein does not mean freedom
for the Iraqi people. Only the right to
self-determination and self-governance will ensure
their liberation. Resistance to this war and
occupation is needed more than ever!

End the Occupation! U.S. Troops Out Of Iraq!
Iraqi Nation for the Iraqis themselves!