An Invention to Save Your Ass! for 40 cents.

by No bum for uU. Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2002 at 2:50 AM

address: on a bike in the whitehouse basement 'peddling ass' says President B Clinton& GWB to former some. Link for GHB and ketamine test as coaster for 40 cents at 7-11 stores.

More than 205 people I've known in 40 years are rape-friendly.

Rapes Go Unreported or Aware by Victims on your state’s Campuses! Take human rights action for yourself. Both male and female students at risk. Shhhh, your macho buddies and scorners like little brothers. You could be a 'butt buddy' for years before realizing it's not a dream. Not anti-gay or anti-Bi, but it's a relationship or friendship cheat. Then there's STD's and snicker destruction. Usually these creeps don't hang around in your life, if your lucky.

New invention could stop some rapes such as drink drugging. Inhalants still lead majority of unaware and unreported rapes. Watch your roommate, hall floor, CA, protective services, staff, and even faculty. It happens on every campus. It’s a shopping at the mini-bohemian-mart or mini-moloch-mart counter. Yes, dead presidents in form of $5's, 10's, 20's, 50's, even 100's can go missing from your wallet and purse as you pay for your being raped to the rapists. -And you wonder why the 50 state fire codes say no in-room locks like real apartments with the same threats of fire. Your bottoms are cuter say 50 state legislatures. Your moms and dads feel you are safer without those locks say 50 state governors.

Date Rape Drug Spotter for 40 cents comes as a drink coaster.

List as one of Time-Life's 2002 Best Inventions

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Thanks to all and for info before drinking deluge.

Now if we could do something about inhalant rape...humm...get busy innovators.

Take back the night...pleezzz..take back your bums dudes!

Example Consequence links:

Link for GHB and ketamine test as coaster for 40 cents at 7-11 stores.