Night for Bikes! @ Griffith Park Festival of Lights

by Bipedal Elf Sunday, Dec. 15, 2002 at 2:22 PM

See the Griffith Park "Festival of Lights" on two wheels in the fresh air! Bring friends and family to show demand for Car Free days next year. Enjoy the Christmas Lights show without sitting in a car burning oil.

The DWP/Griffith Park "Festival of Light" has agreed to let bicyclists ride through the splendor of decoration that festoons Crystal Springs Drive in swags of sparkling delirium. This follows an early policy of closing the show to pedestrians and cyclists and only allowing fuel-guzzling automobiles in.

Following a Critical Mass ride and then the raising of cyclists concerns to the organizers by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition the festival organizers have agreed to allow bicyclists in on three nights (Dec16th, 17th, 18th) from 5pm-10pm.

This is a trial period to see how much demand there is for a Car Free Festival of Lights. It would be great if as many of you as possible can bring yourselves, your bikes, your friends and kids and support us in our ultimate aim of dedicating at least one night per week next year to a Car Free Festival of Lights.

As a result of negotiations a lane has been set aside for bicyclists. The route is from the Mulholland Fountain entrance (intersection of Los Feliz Blvd. / Crystal Springs Drive / Riverside Drive
) to the Gene Autry Museum / Zoo Car Park. You can also drive your bike to the Zoo/Museum parking lot (although it'd be nicer if you rode!) and ride down to the Mulholland Fountain. It's an approximately 30 minute slowish ride. Bicycles can travel in both directions in this lane following the usual traffic rules. Or they may be able to use the LA River Bikeway if it's not raining (it gets closed if its raining!).

There will be (to the best of my knowledge) two groups doing an inaugural ride on Monday 16th. At 6:30pm a group of mainly LACBC people will ride from Mulholland Fountain. Another group will ride from the Mulholland Fountain at 8pm.

Please come out and support a Car Free Festival of Lights!