How to enact a liberal agenda in the public and private sector.

by Winston Smith Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2001 at 3:57 PM


How to enact a liberal agenda in the public and private sector.


Many people complain about the excessive influence that companies exert with legislators on the federal and local level which results in nothing getting done most of the time leaving them unsatisfied with the way

government should help people. The facts to me indicate that each person abdicates their power. Who provides the money to the companies so they can lobby congress, the president or the local legislatures or county

executives and governors?

You do, whenever you buy products. The companies skim off a little bit of your money and give it to Republican officeholders, candidates and the Republican Party. When did you last voluntarily give money to the Republican Party? Well you just did and you don't even realize it.

If enough people organize and stop buying from the major known contributors to the Republican party, they will have just gone on strike and can now demand a liberal agenda of the companies to relay to the congress, the president, their governor, their local legislature and also a private

company that has raised and HMO premium, or raised an electric bill, or some other necessity you depend on.

You can demand that the company and their PACs stop giving money to the Republican Party.

You can demand Universal Healthcare.

You can demand a higher minimum wage.

You can demand that your HMO rescind their outrageous premium increase.


I suggest you contact the following companies and tell them you will no longer buy from them until they stop giving money to the Republican Party and relay your demands to the Republican Party, the congress, the president, etc. and the demands get met.


AT&T 800 225 5288

Coca Cola 800 438 2653

Pepsi Cola 800 433 COLA

Shell Oil 800 331 3703

Exxon/Mobil 800 800 2510

American Express 800 528 4800

Marriot Hotels 800 228 9290

JC Penney 800 222 6161

WalMart 800 925 6278

Dell Computers 800 472 3355 866 209 3251

and tell them your demands and that you will stop buying their products.

You now have the power.

Go forth and succeed.

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