DEA plans to ban Hemp FOODS!! Act NOW!

by Watchdog Thursday, Dec. 06, 2001 at 7:55 AM

The Drug Enforcement Agency is turning itself into the Food Prohibition Agency...witout congressional or public authorization. Hemp is just not allowed to compete with petro-chemical-intensive products OR Genetically Engineered soy products, apparently. Corporate toxics, or nothing, in "the land of the free".




The Drug Enforcement Agency has set Feb. 6, 2002, for everyone in the US to destroy or export consumable hemp products!! This includes hemp diet supplements, pretzels, breads, cheeses, ales and beers and even birdseed ! This, despite there being ZERO drug use possible from hemp in any form. The DEA is not authorized to make laws. That’s for Congress which, importantly, EXEMPTED hemp foods from prohibitions.

The DEA complains that it is "stretched thin" due to post 9-11 security jobs. So...the "American People" will have less security from violent foreign terrorists so that the DEA can arrest Food Eaters and put suppliers out of business?! Simultaneously, it is “cracking down" on state-approved, voter-supported, legal, medical marijuana operations around the country.

The war for OIL is going ahead big-time in Afghanistan, and in the U.S.... remembering that hemp is a potentially major competitor to petroleum products and the general petrochemical cartel,including pharmaceuticals. Hemp and medicinal marijuana do not require petroleum pesticides and so forth...and hemp makes non-toxic (even compost-friendly!) plastic and non-toxic lubricants and on and on. Hemp makes big oil look bad, deservedly. !!!! DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS IS DECEMBER 10, 2001 !!! Don't put it off!

To fight against oil and other toxics, and FOR benign alternatives, here is the info needed to send Public Comments to the DEA. After a battle waged by activists, the DEA allowed comments to be faxed. Unlike some other Public Comments to other agencies, according to Vote Hemp, one does not need to formally note the Docket Numbers or make a certain number of copies. Send comments to the DEA...AND to your local papers, activist groups and public officials. Think of health groups, environmentalists, anti-war activists, organic foods interests, anti-drug-war activists and all over. Try to get this message also to those who are not on computers. Regular Mail address is: Deputy Assistant Administrator Office of Diversion Control Drug Enforcement Administration Washington, DC 20537 * Attn.: DEA Federal Register Representative/CCD

The DEA fax number is: 202-307-8570 For info and background...AND to send a free e-mail to the DEA...and to get a flyer to use all over, here's this: The flyer can be downloaded at: The comment form can be downloaded at:

Original: DEA plans to ban Hemp FOODS!! Act NOW!