More Civilian Casualties

by neo Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2001 at 5:49 PM

(Picture) An injured Afghan child waits for further medical treatment after air strikes in Kabul according to Qatar's Al-Jazeera satellite television network, October 21, 2001, in this footage released by Al-Jazeera. U.S. war planes began a third week of strikes by bombing the capital in blistering raids that officials said killed 18 civilians and wounded 23. REUTERS/Al-Jazeera TV

More Civilian Casual...
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Tuesday October 23, 2001

U.S. Planes Kill 93 Afghans Near Kandahar, Jazeera Says

DUBAI (Reuters) - Qatar's al-Jazeera television reported that U.S. military strikes on Afghanistan Tuesday had killed 93 civilians in a village near Kandahar, including 18 members of one family, The satellite channel said that at least 40 other civilians were wounded in the attack by U.S. warplanes on the village some 37 miles northeast of Kandahar, which it identified as Chukar. It said the 18 family members who died in the attack had fled Kandahar for safety in the village following U.S. military strikes on the city, a Taliban stronghold.

Jazeera broadcast videophone footage provided by its correspondent in Kandahar, Youssef al-Shouli, showing a row of corpses wrapped in white shrouds lined up against the wall inside a room. At least one of the corpses was that of a child and a second was of an elderly man. The television also broadcast footage of children, women and elderly men receiving treatment at a hospital in Kandahar.

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